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Witness a terrifying world of occult magic in Image Comics' The Marked

By Jeff Spry
Marked 1

This October, Image Comics will lead you into a dark realm of arcane magic when it rolls out its newest fantasy horror series, The Marked.

Delivered by Brian Haberlin (Witchblade, Anomaly) and David Hine (Spawn), with colors via Geirrod Van Dyke (Faster Than Light), it showcases the same creative team that conjured up this year's remarkable sci-fi saga Sonata. This alluring new project dips down into a fascinating world of witches tattooed with ancient gylphs that protect the world from supernatural incursions — and SYFY WIRE has a special expanded preview of the premiere issue.

Marked 1

The Marked revolves around a chic gang of cool young influencers clad in hip designer clothes. But lurking beneath their fashionable threads, their bare skin is heavily tattooed with the intricate magical glyphs of an ancient occult order that secretly guards the planet against evil forces of the most malevolent kind.

With no new occult threats on the immeditate horizon, these wily witches use their mesmerizing tattooed powers solely for leisure-time pleasurable pursuits, until a young woman named Liza creates a dangerous new form of soul-crushing Hybrid Sorcery. Is the party now officially over for The Marked?

Haberlin hints that this is a world readers of his old series Aria and The Wicked will likely recognize, and that perhaps some characters from those titles might appear along the way.

"This is one of those books that just had to happen … and I think my subconscious started it all," Haberlin tells SYFY WIRE. "In my paintings … sketches … these tattooed women just start appearing. I’ve been an illustrator since the start my career, even before being a comic book artist … illustration is all about telling a story … words and pictures and these women needed some words … a good story … a comic!

"That’s when you start with the what ifs. What if they’re not just normal tattoos?  Okay … I’d been thinking about my old Aria book and that was urban fantasy with magic … yeah, magic … Spells! The tattoos, or what we now call glyphs are friggin’ MAGIC SPELLS! And that’s when I brought Spiderman Noir creator on board with me, David Hine.  And we went to work!"

Marked Slice

Now descend into our dark and sexy sneak peek at Image Comics' The Marked, with bonus character sketches and oil paintings courtesy of Haberlin, then let us know if you'll grab the debut issue of this spellbinding series when it appears on Oct. 16.