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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

Pass the Themyscira tomato soup: Now you can feast like an Amazon with the official Wonder Woman cookbook

By Jeff Spry
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While we wait for what seems to be an eternity for the new Wonder Woman 1984 feature to be released (on Christmas Day, for the moment), here's something to tide us over: a savory new official Wonder Woman cookbook from Insight Editions, celebrating the Mediterranean cuisine of the Amazonians and Princess Diana's island homeworld. 

With the immortal clan's intimate connections to Greek mythology and the region's eclectic blend of healthy, appetizing fare, this new volume of 50 tried-and-true recipes salutes memorable meals that the DC Comics icon and her sisterhood might have feasted on.

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Written by Briana Volk and accented with mouthwatering photography courtesy of Carla Choy, Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook arrives Nov. 17, filled with 136 pages of recipes for breakfasts, entrees, appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts. They include dishes like "Feed The League Nachos," "Paradise Island Pancakes," "Themyscira Tomato Soup," "Cassandra Sandsmark's Skakskuka," "Justice League Lasagna," and "Golden Lasso Peach Shortcake" — all conceived for kitchen wizards of every skill level.

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"We were excited at the opportunity to create content for Wonder Woman, who is having a huge moment as a symbol of empowerment in our culture right now," Insight editor Hilary VandenBroek tells SYFY WIRE. "Both kids and adults love her, look up to her, and see her as a role model and an inspiration. As a publisher specializing in pop culture, we know that fans are always looking for ways to be closer to their favorite characters and fandoms and for ways to express their love of these characters in their everyday life. Cooking is a great way to do that. Our author, Briana Volk, did a lot of research and took a lot of inspiration from Greek and Mediterranean food, as well as healthy cooking trends and techniques."


"Because her lore is based in Greek mythology and her home, Themyscira, is somewhere in the Mediterranean, we were able to posit those flavors and culinary traditions as the basis for the food in the book," VandenBroek adds. "Personally, I could easily eat Greek and Mediterranean food for the rest of my life and die a happy woman! At the same time, because the Amazons are warriors and Wonder Woman is a superhero, we knew we had to put a heavy emphasis on healthy cooking and eating. There's also the fact that, canonically, Wonder Woman is vegetarian, which put another interesting spin on things."

As for some standout recipes? "I love the 'Fearless Phyllo Dough Burrito,' because it's a really unique idea and delicious," VandenBroek says. "The 'Greek Goddess Dressing' is also great and can be used on anything. For the desserts, I love the flavors in the 'Artemis Ginger Cake,' but the decoration on the 'Victory Cake' makes it a real showstopper! For a special occasion, I'd make 'Justice League Lasagna.' It's packed with veggies and perfect for feeding a big crowd!"

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Check out more from our exclusive peek inside Insight Editions' Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook, out Nov. 17, in the gallery below.