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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman Amazonian spinoff pitch sold by Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns

By James Comtois
Robin Wright in Wonder Woman

While we await the '80s-set follow-up to Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins has confirmed that she has plans in mind for a third film set in the franchise, as well as that Amazonian spinoff film that she was vaguely considering back in December. In fact, the Wonder Woman 1984 director and co-writer revealed that she has sold a pitch for the Amazonian spinoff film, which she would produce. 

“I’m not going to nail down a fresh thought about it until this movie comes out, because I kind of want to give myself a palette cleanser, and be fresh of mind,” Jenkins told Games Radar’s sister publication Total Film Magazine. “But yeah, there’s an arc that I have in mind for the first movie, and then the second movie, and then the Amazon movie, and then the third movie.”

Jenkins added that she plans to produce the spinoff film, but “hopefully” not direct. No early word whether or not notable Amazonians Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) or Antiope (Robin Wright) are involved.

“I’m not going to direct it, hopefully. I’m going to try really hard not to,” Jenkins explained. “It’s not going to be easy. But [WW84 co-writer] Geoff Johns and I came up with the story, and we sold the pitch, and we’re going to get it going. I’ll produce it, for sure.”

Jenkins originally told members of the press ahead of the trailer's release at CCXP in Brazil late last year that she was playing with the idea of making a spinoff about the Amazons.

Both Jenkins and Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot have both recently stated that audiences will see a more mature and wise Diana Prince in the follow-up to the 2017 film. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal star as the film’s two main antagonists: Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. Wright, Nielsen, Chris Pine, Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde, Kristoffer Polaha, and Amr Waked co-star.

Originally scheduled to open June 5, Wonder Woman 1984 was delayed two months due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now set to hit theaters on Friday, Aug. 14.