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SYFY WIRE Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson revisits Wonder Woman's origin in first trailer for Bloodlines animated film

By Jacob Oller
Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

We finally know what Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is about: going home. And in order to do that effectively, the DC superhero must go through her origin story once again.

Fans can now get ready to relive the tale of Diana saving Steve Trevor after he crash-lands off the coast of Themyscira — and see all the villains Wonder Woman will face trying to get back to her Amazons — thanks to the upcoming animated film's first trailer, courtesy of IGN.

After SYFY WIRE broke the news that Rosario Dawson would take on the mantle of Wonder Woman once again and voice the Amazon warrior, fans have been wondering how Silver Swan, the Cheetah, Giganta, Dr. Poison, and more would come into play during Dawson's sixth outing as the hero. Now, thanks to the first look at the film, it seems that Villainy, Inc. is aimed squarely at Themyscira.

Check it out:

It appears the origin will rehash the crash, the rescue, and the foray into humankind's world in a newer setting than Gal Gadot's live-action film, seeing as Trevor is flying a modern bomber. Oh, and also the fact that Wonder Woman punches the head off a robot. That means her full transition to Wonder Woman and subsequent desire to return home will probably happen with a quick turnaround, all spurred by a troubled woman who's been wrapped up in Villainy, Inc. Wonder Woman hopes to save her, and her homeland, when Bloodlines comes out.

No word yet on Bloodlines' release date, but fans can get their Wonder Woman fix when Patty Jenkins' live-action follow-up Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.