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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp: The Official Podcast

Wynonna Earp: The Official Podcast: Island of Lesbos Resort Collection

By Fangrrls Staff
Wynonna Earp 402

Welcome back to Wynonna Earp: The Official Podcast! Season 4 of Wynonna Earp is up and running.

The Earping continues this week with Episode 402: “Friends in Low Places.” Picking up right where the premiere left off, Waverly and Doc find themselves still stuck in the garden and dealing with a shapeshifting creature named Eve while Wynonna and Nicole continue to fight off zombies. Against all odds, our family prevails, freeing everyone from the garden. And we get a Wayhught reunion that is honestly “Way — too — haught” to handle. A truly epic episode that, The Official Wynonna Earp Podcast thinks, may be the best one ever.

Rachel Zeolla and Katie Wilson are so ready to talk about it all, with Haught herself, Kat Barrell. Katie delivers the best pun to date, Rachel has a lot of questions about sex, and Kat breaks down that epic scene (you know which one!).

Earp with us right here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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