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SYFY WIRE Wynonna Earp: The Official Podcast

Wynonna Earp: The Official Podcast: The Wayhaught Wedding Pinterest Board

By Fangrrls Staff
Wynonna Earp 406

Welcome back to Wynonna Earp: The Official Podcast. Season 4 of Wynonna Earp is really into handcuffs.

SPOILERS BELOW for the Season 4 midseason finale!

The midseason finale is here, and we’ve all run out of tissues. Episode 406: "Holy War: Part Two" was an epic conclusion to Part One.

Picking up right where 405 left off, we flashback to see Nicole asking Nedley and Jeremy to kill her in order to break the curse from Mam Clanton. The plan was to transfer her soul to one of the frogs and then transfer it back into her body, hoping that killing her would break the curse. But we all know we can't have nice things, and nothing goes according to plan. Realizing the only way to end this curse is to kill both parties of the deal, Waverly heads off to the Clanton Ranch to take care of Mam.

With the discovery of Rosita as the scorned woman in the painting, Wynonna takes her to the sanctuary, where they are put against each other to fight to the death. Deciding they should rise above the woman-on-woman crime, they escape the crazy, chanting nuns, and Peacemaker reveals herself to Wynonna.

Rosita reveals it was the Clantons that tried to buy her daughter. With Peacemaker in hand, Wynonna angrily heads to the Clantons.

Back on the Clanton Ranch, it all comes to a head when Waverly uses her unexplainable angel powers to kill Mam. As she’s leaving the ranch, Wynonna and Holt, Mam's son, arrive and find out what happened. Livid, Holt threatens to shoot them. Doc arrives just in the nick of time to talk everyone off the ledge…almost. As Holt turns to walk away in peace, Wynonna shoots him in the back. All this drama and heartbreak is put aside to celebrate what everybody and their gay aunts have been waiting for: The Wayhaught engagement. The Official Wynonna Earp Podcast has already started wedding planning.

Rachel Zeolla and Katie Wilson break down this bittersweet episode filled with heartbreak, death, laughter, and an engagement. Kat Barrell joins Katie and Rachel for a much needed, big group hug, and they all start planning the highly anticipated Wayhaught Wedding. Pintrest board talk guaranteed.

Listen below!

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