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X-Men: Jonathan Hickman launching House of X and Powers of X

By Jacob Oller
Chris Claremont X-Men

While Marvel Comics has been releasing its monthly solicitations to tease fans on an ongoing basis, there's nothing like hearing about the big arcs straight from the top. That's what happened when Marvel’s editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, spoke at the company's C2E2 panel, explaining comic news that will set the stage for the next year of Marvel.

SYFY WIRE was there when Cebulski dropped some details about the upcoming storylines coming to comics fans later this year. The upcoming War of the Realms has previously dominated the convention, but today's news was told through in the realm of Hollywood. Dropped in a slate format, War of the Realms kicked things off.

Writer Jason Aaron, however, was there to announce his next project: Valkyrie. "This will spin out of War of the Realms," Aaron said of the end of his Thor run. Al Ewing will be a co-writer on the secretive project.

Then the X-Men came up. Giant-Size X-Men #1 was brought up as a touchstone, leading to Chris Claremont's run, which led to Age of Apocalypse. Then Grant Morrison's revamp. Following in these footsteps will be Jonathan Hickman. He'll be launching two X-Men titles: House of X and Powers of X. Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, and Marte Garcia will be working on the projects as well, with Powers of X pronounced Powers of [Ten], according to Cebulski. Oooh. Let the mystery begin. The books launch in July.

Absolute Carnage, which will debut in August, also got a bit of a tease. There was a debut of interior art that showed off a version of Carnage that Cebulski dubbed "Dark Carnage." Creative duo Ryan Stegman and Donnie Cates sent a video where they teased a bit more about what fans can expect. Every previous host will show up, with some new hosts as well. Those are the three tentpoles holding up the rest of the year for Marvel Comics, so fans should do well to keep up with them.

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