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SYFY WIRE Xbox Series X

Halo's Master Chief becomes a cosmic feline DJ in Taika Waititi's wild Xbox Series X ad

By Josh Weiss
Master Chief cat Xbox Series X ad

Taika Waititi's wacky filmmaking sensibilities aren't just limited to the MCU, What We do in the Shadows, or Jojo Rabbit. In a new ad created for the Xbox Series X, the Oscar-winning writer/director turns Master Chief (the helmet-wearing mascot of the Halo franchise) into a feline DJ from beyond the stars. Done in collaboration with actual gamer MoonLiteWolf, the commercial utilities bona fide sleep science to find out how playing the newly-released console affects a person's dreams.

"To make this film, Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi used real dreams MoonLiteWolf had after playing the Xbox Series X," reads the YouTube caption. "To capture MoonLiteWolf’s dreams, a method known as Targeted Dream Incubation was used. She was guided to a sleep state known as hypnagogia, which was tracked by the Hypnodyne (EEG) headband she was wearing. When she reached this state—known to feel like light sleep and even meditation—she was asked to recall her dreams."

Watch the trippy, yet soothing video, below: 

"I like making dreams come true ... You won’t see any of my own dreams in this because they're all heavily copyrighted. And broken," Waititi wrote on Twitter.

"The moment has arrived! So stoked to finally share with you guys my collaboration with @Xbox and @TaikaWaititi, where my dreams were captured and brought to life!" added MoonLiteWolfPro.

With so many live-action projects delayed or on hiatus amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many Hollywood directors have turned to shooting commercials for major brands. For instance, Waititi helmed a holiday-themed vignette for Coca-Cola during the health crisis. He was able to complete the project by shooting it entirely in New Zealand (one of the safest place to be right now since the country has pretty much eliminated the virus from its borders) with a native film crew.

Waititi is currently in the neighboring Australia to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder for Marvel Studios.