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Worry you must not! Baby Yoda merchandise will be coming in time for Christmas

By Brian Silliman
Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

We still don't know what the titular hero of The Mandalorian is going to do with the little "asset" that he found in the first live-action Star Wars series, but it is more than clear that the real world wants a piece of it. Everyone wants merchandise for the "Baby Yoda," and there's good news on the horizon. 

Disney and Lucasfilm purposely held back this bit of salesmanship to avoid spoilers, but that starship has flown. CNBC reports that all kinds of toys and apparel based on the character will be out in time for the holidays. 

Interestingly, the adorable little guy is being called "The Child" by Disney, which is a more fitting name, as this is the name of the show's second episode, and since "Baby Yoda" implies that it IS Yoda, which it likely is not it. The character's real name (and species) has yet to be revealed. 

All kinds of apparel and accessories based on "The Child" will be available to purchase through Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl's, Macy's, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch. The preliminary items have already started appearing — for example, Amazon already has two t-shirts on sale, one for $22.99 and another for $25.99

There is much more on the way too, and, naturally, it will be featured at the Disney Store, ShopDisney, and the Disney Parks. CNBC reports that "presales for toys and plush will be available in the coming weeks."

Who knows how much the plush replicas will go for? Our force senses tell us that they could charge thousands and people would pay it. Heck, we'd pay it. Worry not, Baby Yoda fans... you'll likely find one under the tree this December... if supplies last.