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WIRE Buzz: Zack Snyder done with DCEU after Justice League; WandaVision's glitchy new trailer; Ratatouille musical sets cast

By Josh Weiss
Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder's DCEU tenure will most likely come to an end after HBO Max releases his preferred cut of 2017's Justice League.

In a new report, The New York Times writes: "At least for now, Mr. Snyder is not part of the new DC Films blueprint, with studio executives describing his HBO Max project as a storytelling cul-de-sac — a street that leads nowhere."

The filmmaker, who served as a producer on Wonder Woman 1984, reportedly received over $70 million to both recut and shoot new footage for Zack Snyder's Justice League, which could debut as early as March 2021. No specific premiere date has been announced, but Snyder did confirm that the movie will be available in four, one-hour chunks.

Justice League: Director’s Cut | Official Teaser Update | HBO Max

As for what the future holds, Warner Bros. is going to attempt the Marvel formula once again with spinoff projects on HBO Max, as well as a larger multiverse that will open up in 2022's Flash movie. “I don’t think anyone else has ever attempted this,” DC Films chief Walter Hamada told the Times, referring to multiple versions of a character in the same onscreen universe. “But audiences are sophisticated enough to understand it. If we make good movies, they will go with it."


Reality begins to come apart at the seams in a new teaser trailer for Marvel's WandaVision series coming to Disney+ next month.

Like previous trailers, the latest batch of footage jumps around through several sitcom formats, but characters start to ... well, they start to break character as they ask for extra takes or, in the case of Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau, forget their names entirely. Westview, the idyllic town in which Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are now living, is not as idyllic as it seems on the surface (think Gary Ross' Pleasantville). In fact, the show has some serious Black Hammer vibes, calling to mind Jeff Lemire's meta/deconstructionist comic that is getting its own adaptation over at Netflix. The prevailing theory is that Scarlet Witch was so heartbroken after Vision's death in Avengers: Infinity War that she used her incredible powers to create an entire reality where her paramour is still alive.

Watch below:


Showrun by Jac Schaeffer (Captain MarvelBlack Widow) and directed by Matt Shakman (Game of Thrones, Fargo), the project co-stars Kat Dennings, Randall Park, Kathryn Hahn, Debra Jo Rupp, and Fred Melamed. WandaVision will officially kick off Phase 4 of the MCU when it arrives on Disney+ Friday, Jan. 15. Like The Mandalorian, the six-episode series will dole out its six episodes on a weekly basis.


The Ratatouille musical premiering on New Year's Day has confirmed its all-star cast, reports DeadlineUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's  Tituss Burgess will lead the ensemble as Remy the rat, a rodent with a misunderstood passion for cooking. His culinary role model, Gusteau, is being portrayed by Seussical vet Kevin Chamberlin

The rest of the cast includes: Wayne Brady ("Django"), André De Shields ("Ego"), Adam Lambert ("Emile"), Andrew Barth Feldman ("Linguini"), Priscilla Lopez ("Mabel"), Ashley Park ("Colette"), Owen Tabaka ("Young Ego"), Mary Testa ("Skinner"), Cori Jaskier, Talia Suskauer, Nikisha Williams, JJ Niemann, John Michael Lyles, Raymond J. Lee, and Joy Woods.

Seaview, the Tony-winning company behind such stage productions as Sea Wall/A Life, is overseeing the project, which was inspired by a viral TikTok meme, of all things. Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley adapted the musical, with Ellenore Scott and Lucy Moss serving as choreographer and director, respectively.

The original songs were written by actual Tik Tok users: Danny Bernstein (@dannykbernstein), Gabbi Bolt (@fettuccinefettuqueen), Kevin Chamberlin (@chamberlin_kevin), RJ Christian (@rjthecomposer), Nathan Fosbinder (@fozzyforman108), Emily Jacobsen (@e_jaccs), Sophia James (@sophiajamesmusic), Katie Johantgen (@katiejoyofosho), Daniel Mertzlufft (@danieljmertzlufft), Alec Powell (@phisherpryce), and Blake Rouse (@blakeyrouse).

You can purchase tickets right here. The performance debuts Friday, Jan. 1 at 7 p.m. EST and will be available to stream for 72 hours. All proceeds go toward The Actors Fund.

Released in the summer of 2007, Ratatouille marked Brad Bird's second collaboration with Pixar after The Incredibles. With a budget of $150 million, the animated project went on to make over $620 million at the global box office.