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SYFY WIRE Spider-Man: Far From Home

Zendaya takes Spider-Man fashion to new heights at the Far From Home premiere

By Emma Fraser

"Marvel but make it fashion" has been a recent recurring red carpet theme. Brie Larson wore bold blue and stars to celebrate Captain Marvel, as well as a custom Juicy Couture tracksuit we are still coveting. Infinity Gauntlet jewels were all the rage at the Avengers: Endgame premiere when both Larson and Scarlett Johansson turned to Thanos for sartorial inspiration — not to mention the Black Panther royalty approach from 2018.

Method dressing” on the red carpet is on trend outside of the MCU, including Ezra Miller in Hedwig couture at the Fantastic Beasts premiere and Amber Heard in a designer swim cap for Aquaman. Fashion and fantasy go hand-in-hand so it is easy to understand why this form of cosplay is so appealing. It also makes it clear what these stars are promoting.

Zendaya took this mandate and ran with it at the world premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home on June 26 in Los Angeles. Stylist Law Roach noted on Instagram that if Zendaya was Spider-Man, “this would be her suit.” The black-and-red backless sequin Armani Privé gown wouldn’t make the most practical superhero attire, but it would certainly be the most stylish. 

Missing media item.Europe is the destination for the new Spider-Man movie, which is also where Zendaya debuted her very Mary Jane red hair at a London photocall last week (rumors continue to swirl that Zendaya will play Ariel in a live action Little Mermaid). Several landmarks feature in the recent Far From Home trailer, one of them being Tower Bridge, which makes an impressive backdrop here.

Zendaya is consistently on Best Dressed lists, so it is not surprising she kicked off this press tour on such a strong foot. She has been working with Law Roach since she was 14 years old and the pair made a splash at the recent Met Gala, which saw Roach play Fairy Godmother to Zendaya’s Cinderella. 

Missing media item.

It isn't all playing into a Spider-Man universe theme (beyond her hair) as this sophisticated Alexandre Vauthier suit suggests Zendaya should star in the next Agatha Christie murder mystery adaptation as a star horse rider doubling as a potential suspect — or as the lead in a Greatest Showman sequel.

The tailored masculine-meets-feminine styling has been a repeated thread throughout this press tour. While hanging out with co-stars Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City, Zendaya kept in casual in a slouchy pajama-adjacent ensemble from the Peter Do fall 2019 collection. Holland is looking particularly daytime swish in Celine — he is also styled by Law Roach. Yes, Zendaya and Tom Holland share a stylist, which is pretty adorable.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Keeping with menswear in monochromatic Armani, this look straddles the line between fancy and casual. Pairing suspenders with Casadei strappy sandals is a bold move with Roach revealing that Julia Roberts is the inspiration behind this getup.

But what makes Zendaya a fascinating presence on any promotional tour is she doesn’t just stick to one style. One day she will be doing the whole suit vibe, the next a fun flirty frock. The latter was the case when she stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat Far From Home. She turned the dial up on summer fashion in a strapless mini Carolina Herrera dress and white Louboutin pumps, which is screaming out for drinks on the French Riviera. 


On this occasion, the Far From Home connotations is subtly threaded into the general aesthetic as it is perfect for a European vacation. On The Late Show, Zendaya talks about stunts in the new movie, as well as the friendship between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. The latter of which is on full display at the LA premiere.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland
While Zendaya is looking to Spider-Man for her inspiration, it would seem that Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland have turned to '90s Will Ferrell comedy A Night at the Roxbury as their suit influence for a lot of this press tour.

Not the most obvious choice, but a choice nonetheless. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Rounding things off with a full cast shot from the LA premiere, Marisa Tomei is taking the Villanelle from Killing Eve approach, wearing Valentino in the hot pink trend that continues to dominate 2019.  

However, at the Far From Home premiere, Zendaya ensures all eyes are on her as high-fashion Marvel cosplay continues to be one of the most fun red carpet trends of the year.