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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Alan Tudyk, Resident Alien stars share secrets and prove their geek cred with pre-launch sci-fi trivia

By Tara Bennett
Resident Alien

It's less than a week until the new comedy (with some drama) Resident Alien lands on SYFY — so the cast got together for some out-of-this-world trivia to celebrate. The live-action adaptation of the Dark Horse comic of the same name starring Alan Tudyk as alien-in-human-form, Harry Vanderspeigle, would normally get a big public press launch, maybe with some aliens on a red carpet or a big space ship faux crash-landing on Hollywood Boulevard. But in keeping with our still socially distant reality, things had to get a bit creative for 2021.

The question being: How do you welcome a new series into the pantheon of sci-fi and alien related works while honoring the genre as a whole? Well, you hold a sci-fi-centric trivia event hosted by trivia pro and 12-time Jeopardy champion Austin Rogers to test some geek journalists and the show's stars on their knowledge.

On a Zoom with reporters and Resident Alien cast members Alan Tudyk, Alice Wetterlund, Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Levi Fiehler, plus series showrunner Chris Sheridan, the assembled masses threw down for three rounds of questions that ran the gamut from sci-fi casual to brain buster hard.

Resident Alien Pilot

SYFY WIRE joined Wetterlund's team: No Sign of Intelligent Life. As Patience, Colorado's bar keep, D'Arcy Bloom, Wetterlund keeps track of the town's residents and their secrets. And she also dishes out sarcasm and observations sharper than a tart lime. In real life, the co-star knows her trivia too as she walked her team through Round 1 correctly naming various species of aliens from film and television correctly. We scored 9 out of 10, only falling short on identifying The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's Vogon.

She also shared a few of her own secrets, including her love of fellow sci-fi geek and voting activist, Stacy Abrams. Wetterlund also revealed that her commitment to The Mandalorian's Grogu is only bested by her adoration for her own cat, which we respect. And last but by far the least, the best intel she dropped was that in the pilot episode when we see Alan Tudyk's Harry bogey down at D'Arcy's place of work, The 59 Bar, his dance moves aren't so much a choice as a by-product of his alien makeup. Turns out Tudyk could only move his arms a tiny bit due to the tight prosthetics, so that's why we get those weird, wiggly dance moves.


In Round 2, featuring fill in the blank trivia, the team earned a perfect 10 which put us in the running for second place. But Round 3 killed our dreams of victory when our collective ears came up short identifying 10 seconds of 10 classic sci-fi music cues correctly. We blame Mars Attacks!, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Interstellar for ruining the streak.

But more important than winning is knowing the Resident Alien cast have the sci-fi smarts to walk the walk. Journalist game knows actor game and we determine them legit. Now, we invite you to dance like Tudyk as we eagerly await that pilot to crash land on the airwaves.

Resident Alien premieres on Jan. 27 on SYFY.