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Chosen One of the Day: a joyous Dick Grayson in Young Justice

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Sep 10, 2019, 10:30 AM EDT

To say that Dick Grayson aka Robin aka Nightwing has had it tough would be an understatement. Whether it’s in the comics or in the movies or on Titans or, for our purposes, Young Justice, his life’s a lesson in “Hey, maybe the ideal world isn’t getting adopted into the life of a man-bat.” Dick’s been a ward, a team leader, a rebel, and an acrobat. (That last one isn’t angsty, but I stan our high-springing, flexible baby.) At the end of Season 2, back in two-thousand-godd*mn-thirteen, the series ended as Dick lost his best friend, Wally West (Kid Flash), when he saved the world and disintegrated into the time stream. 

That was six years ago. Presumably six years in which Dick just hung out being sad. But we finally got a Season 3 of Young Justice!! And, well, Dick goes through it again. He quits the League, he makes some very bad decisions — sure, there’s some great squeezy-puffy-happy-romance scenes with Babs — but all in all, the kid’s an angst-trap. Remember how he used to weaponize his own laughter? #Memories.


Light spoilers, because I’m not going to tell you how, but in the last episode of Young Justice Season 3, we get a split second moment of Dick cracking the hell up in a diner. It’s beautiful. Look at him smile, his eyes closed in actual-honest-to-God-mirth. It only took seven years and some mad unhealthy coping mechanisms, but we got a genuine Dick Grayson belly laughing.

Dick Grayson Nightwing Young Justice

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