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The One That Got Away? Original Child's Play Star Open to a Rematch With Chucky

If Andy and Kyle can come back, why not Detective Norris?

By Josh Weiss

If the Chucky franchise can bring back Andy and Kyle, why not Detective Mike Norris? In a recent interview with People, OG Child's Play star Chris Sarandon (now 81) was asked for his thoughts on reprising the Chicago cop who had serious beef with Charles Lee Ray. 

OG Child's Play star Chris Sarandon is open to reprising Detective Mike Norris

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"Yeah, sure," was the reply. "It always depends on the circumstance. [But] I would think that, at this point, Mike Norris is retired." Even so, it can't hurt for the young heroes of the Chucky TV series — Jake, Devon, and Lexy — to get some help from another seasoned survivor of the homicidal doll, especially when so many victims are unable to see the possessed play-thing for what he truly is until it's too late.

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A split featuring Chris Sarandon with gun and Chucky with knife in Child's Play (1988).

Sarandon, of course, is no stranger to making appearances in updated versions of the '80s horror flicks he helped make famous. Back in 2011, for instance, he enjoyed a brief cameo in the remake of Fright Night starring Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell.

Interestingly, the first iterations of Fright Night and Child's Play were both directed by the same person: Tom Holland (no relation to the current Spider-Man star in case you were wondering). Sarandon enjoyed working with Holland so much, that he turned down an offer to star in Child's Play 2 when he learned the director wouldn't be involved. "I just said, 'Thank you, but no thank you,'" he told People.

"I wasn't trying to make a movie that would be sequel-ized — I was trying to make the definitive killer-doll movie, of which there were none that I can think of before Child's Play," Holland explained in the same article. "And I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations."

The stab-happy IP is currently in the more-than-capable hands of original Child's Play screenwriter, Don Mancini, who views his longtime connection to Chucky as more of "a lifestyle" than a day-to-day profession.

"I have 35 years worth of ideas," Mancini said at New York Comic Con 2022. "I spend a very unhealthy amount of my life thinking about Chucky. And one of the things that happens when you do new movies and TV series over the course of decades and decades, you get a lot of ideas and it doesn't work out for the thing you happen to be working on. You put the idea in a drawer and then a decade later, you're thinking, 'Ok, we're in this situation, what happens now? Oh my God, I remember this thing!' So yeah, I have an inexhaustible supply of ideas for the Chucky Universe if you guys ask for it."

The first two-and-a-half seasons of Chucky are now streaming on Peacock. Season 3 will return sometime next year.