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"More Leprechauns!" Warwick Davis Shares Dream Idea for Leprechaun Sequel

Davis is technically retired from the role, but maybe he'd consider coming back for this golden sequel pitch.

By Josh Weiss
A still from Leprechaun (1993)

Actor Warwick Davis is technically retired from the Leprechaun franchise, but there is one sequel idea that could woo him back to the rhyming role that made him a cult horror icon. Chatting with Dread Central back in March of 2012, Davis — whose genre bona fides include massive properties like Star Wars, Willow, and Harry Potter — shared a golden, origin story-type idea that has yet to be explored by the schlocky film series (most of the Leprechaun movies are airing on SYFY for St. Patrick's Day).

Warwick Davis Wanted to Give His Famous Leprechaun Character a Family

"What I always would have loved to see happen in the Leprechaun world, though, is more leprechauns," the actor said. "There can’t just be him out there, so I always imagined that after he left the human world, he’d go back to his own leprechaun family, his leprechaun wife who is actually far more evil than he is. I think it would be funny to see this demented character being terrorized by his even more demented wife; and just imagine their kids!"

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So simple and yet, it makes you wonder how the wise Leprechaun producers could overlook such an obvious pitch while sending the mythological Irish creature to the most unexpected locales — including outer space, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Hood. At the same time, the silly, non-sequitur nature of the whole saga is what makes it so beloved in the first place.

"The great thing about this creature is that he is a mythological character so if he dies at the end of a movie, he can regenerate for another one," Warwick added. "There are no real rules, no kind of throughline you have to follow. We never have to acknowledge any sort of continuity so that’s why these movies are so great — there are so many fantastic worlds and possibilities you can explore with a character like this."

Why Did Warwick Davis Stop Playing the Leprechaun?

It may not seem like it, but playing a devious character is more of a young man's game and Davis, who was creeping up on middle age at the time of the 2012 interview (he's now 54), doesn't have the youthful stamina he once did. 

"I think people tend to forget that the Leprechaun movies are actually pretty physical movies, so I don’t know if I can be doing these in 20 years," he explained. "I’d like to do them sooner than later if I do get called to be this character again since it’s definitely a physical role and I’m not getting any younger."

Catch most of the Leprechaun movies airing on SYFY for St. Patrick's Day this weekend!

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