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‘Nope’: Take a creepy virtual tour of Jordan Peele's alien-attracting amusement park

Universal Pictures’ new viral website is all corny cowboy wholesomeness… until it’s not.

By Benjamin Bullard
Nope Jordan Peele YT

With only two weeks and change before Jordan Peele’s Nope finally blows into theaters on an ill-omened wind, the clouds that’ve obscured a clear bird’s-eye view of Peele’s secret-shrouded horror flick are finally starting to part. Fans can now pan for buried nuggets of pre-release movie lore, thanks to a new viral website that mines Nope’s old west-style setting to tease a Gold Rush-era good time that’s pretty much guaranteed to go bad.

Moseying on over to the site brings guests to a family-friendly marketing come-on for Jupiter’s Claim, the movie’s fictional B-grade theme park celebrating the flaky, fake filmography of Nope’s former kid-cowboy star Ricky “Jupe” Park (Steven Yeun). Now an opportunistic adult in the movie, Jupe’s still trapping wayward tourists who head up the park’s remote dusty trail…but as the film’s final trailer suggests, he delivers on the promise of an otherworldly spectacle that more than makes up for the price of admission.

While Nope itself looks loaded with big themes that merge sci-fi, horror, and a dose of meta-appreciation for the alien fright films of ages past, the website sticks with Jupe’s cute factor to help guests their bearings. Things start out upbeat with a kid-pleasing cowboy vibe, complete with swells of big-sky western music, before grey skies and a distressing dirge sweep in to cast a sinister pall over the whole happy-trails schtick.

Clicking around gets you acquainted with the park’s main sights,serving up glimpses at the faux frontier landmarks peppered throughout Jupiter’s Claim. Browse overpriced, not-really-for-sale kitsch at the General Store (a Kid Sheriff frisbee for $55.99?!) and “gaze down into the void” at the mysterious Winkin’ Well, all while earning “Jingle” — the park’s native currency — by playing through a cowboy hat mini-game for the chance to “purchase” (completely phony) souvenirs.

There’s even a comment section where satisfied “guests” have left creepily happy testimonials about their visit — though there seems to be a running theme: For some reason, everyone’s down in the dumps at missing out on a first-hand gander at “Star Lasso” — the never-opened park attraction that “remains a mystery to all but Jupe.” One thing’s for sure: Stick around long enough, and you’ll definitely conclude that something’s seriously amiss. The whole experience, in fact, does a pretty swell job of corroding the park’s seemingly wholesome appeal…all the better to get fans ready for the real rodeo when Nope finally thunders into theaters.

Starring Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), Keke Palmer (Lightyear), Keith David (They Live), Brandon Perea (The OA), Michael Wincott (Westworld), and Yeun (The Walking Dead), Nope unleashes a sky full of sci-fi desert scares starting July 22.