Melanie Scrofano

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Melanie Scrofano has appeared in over 40 films and television productions including Supernatural, Being Erica, Robocop, Haven, Saw & Warehouse 13. Many know her for the role of Tia Tremblay in The Listener and Suzanna, a criminal, female biker on History Channel's Gangland.

Melanie has flexed her funny bone on the comedy scene, playing a French model who was the only woman in Toronto that could give Jeff a "boner" in the Comedy Network series, Jeff Ltd. She also starred as a teacher in the kids show Baxter and an uber nerd in the pilot 107 The Mouth. Her dramatic roles include guest staring stints as a mother held hostage in the CTV hit, Flashpoint, a stalking victim in Rookie Blue & Scott Speedman's gangster girlfriend in the Toronto International Film Festival hit, Edwin Boyd.

Scrofano, along with her husband Jeff, resides in Canada.

You can follow Melanie Scrofano on Twitter @melaniescrofano