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The Four Horsemen usher in the apocalypse in new Judge Dredd graphic novel 'End of Days'

By Jeff Spry
Dredd Hero

Galloping into comics shops next month is a nightmarish new Judge Dredd graphic novel from the folks at 2000 AD titled End of Days, with the grim helmeted lawman of Mega-City One staring down the agents of the apocalypse as they ride in to claim the world as their own.

This 144-page account of Earthly armageddon as only the dour Dredd and his caped comrades can conceive arrives on March 21. Written by Dredd veterans Rob Williams (Judge Dredd: Control), then adorned with atmospheric artwork courtesy of Colin MacNeil (America) and Henry Flint (Judge Dredd: The Small House), Dredd teams up with an unlikely ally in the guise of meta-normal cowboy killer Ichabod Azrael.


Williams is right at home in Dredd's skin after being part of several fan-favorite series at 2000 AD over the years, and here he brings on a doomsday scenario as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse haunt Dredd's dreams.

"I'd done the inner corruption of Justice Department in The Small House and wanted to tell a big Dreddworld road trip-style adventure in the mould of The Judge Child," Williams tells SYFY WIRE. "The end of the world being here. A small strange crew including Judge Anderson, who I'd rarely written before. Dredd vs the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That all sounded fun."

Dredd Slice

"In the story Dredd, as ever, is the line in the sand against total annihilation," Williams explains. "Something I've played with before in my Dredd stories is that this is a dead world already. Humanity destroyed itself. The only thing keeping us out of the grave that's already there beneath us is the pure, grim, Bible black determination of Dredd."

Dredd Slice 2

"Crossing over with my Ichabod Azrael series was really the jumping off point," he notes. "I had an image in my head of Ichabod Azrael - a cowboy killer who died once and fought his way back from the afterlife - riding for the gates of Mega-City One with the severed head of an Angel in a sack and a warning that the Four Horsemen were coming. The entire story grew out of that."

Dredd Slice 3

Now saddle up your Lawmaster and ride out into our six-page peek at 2000 AD's Judge Dredd: End of Days in the full gallery below.