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Alex Ross dances into NYCC with new 'Tango With Evil' Joker lithograph

By Jeff Spry
Joker Hero

The Joker, that crazy criminal mastermind frolicking amid the vast DC Universe, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity due to comics like Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo's Batman Damned, director Todd Phillips' upcoming Joker feature film starring the mercurial Joaquin Phoenix, and even Gotham's sadistic proto-Joker, Jerome.

Not to be left out of the Clown Prince party, rockstar illustrator and artist Alex Ross is taking to the dance floor at next month's New York Comic Con (where SYFY WIRE will be the exclusive livestream partner) with an elegant new Joker fine art lithograph titled "Tango With Evil" that will bring a satisfying smile to your face — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive first look at this must-have collectible.

Joker Alex Ross

This iconic image, one of Ross' most famous, was originally seen as a painted cover for Paul Dini, Yvel Guichet, and Aaron Sowd's Batman Harley Quinn back in 1999. Now Alex Ross Art is honoring the 20th anniversary of that masterful composition in the form of a special matted lithograph available on the convention center floor at NYCC and online at starting Oct. 3.

Measuring 14 1/2" x 15 1/2" and carefully crafted using fine art paper on foamcore, “Tango With Evil” is an evocative illustration by Alex Ross of the debonair Clown Prince and his alluring partner in crime, Harley Quinn. Each mesmerizing piece is hand-numbered and reproduced as a deluxe digital print on archival materials in an edition of 1000, for the price of $50 each.

Joker Alex Ross 1

"I was basically doing an homage to a J.C. Leyendecker illustration," Ross tells SYFY WIRE. "Back in the '20s ... Leyendecker is one of the most celebrated illustrators in American history, but I didn't do any particular things to try to imitate the specific manner of how he painted, because it's a very distinctive style."

Joker Alex Ross 2

Witness the legendary artist discussing the genesis and artistic inspiration for his most memorable painting of the Joker in this exclusive video below:

What do you think of this latest Alex Ross Art offering? Will you take one into your arms before they waltz off into infamy?