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WIRE Buzz: American Horror Story adds contortionist; Apple TV+'s Swan Song beefs up A-list cast; Kate Bishop DLC

By Nivea Serrao
Poster of American Horror Story Season 10

Ryan Murphy continues to tease out details of the upcoming tenth season of American Horror Story. Only this time instead of a set of terrifying teeth, he's introducing the latest addition to the cast: actor and contortionist Spencer Novich. 

"Congrats to Spencer Novich, who is joining the cast of this seasons American Horror Story," tweeted Murphy. "This is the audition that got him the job. Guess the title yet? #AHS10" 

The showrunner also posted a video of Novich in action (below), as the actor first elongates his body and then contorts his physique as he staggers closer to the camera before uttering one chilling line: "I'm going to kill you." 

Despite having dropped a few hints here and there over the last few months, and revealing that the season will feature some pretty exciting faces — including series newcomer Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone) and Horror Story vet Evan Peters, finally making his long-awaited return — Murphy has kept mum about the actual "theme" of this season. All that is known is that this latest installment of the long-running FX anthology series will be set on the beach, or more specifically (according to the location "tagged" on one of Murphy's latest Instagram posts) in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

Season 10 of AHS sees the return of a lot of names from Murphy's regular stable of stars including Kathy Bates (Misery), Leslie Grossman (AHS: 1984), Billie Lourd (Rise of Skywalker), Sarah Paulson (Ratched), Adina Porter (The 100), Lily Rabe (Voltron), Angelica Ross (Pose), and Finn Witrock (AHS: 1984).

This isn't the only series Murphy has in the works with FX, also working on an AHS spin-off titled American Horror Stories, which will revolve around hour-long standalone stories. There's no news on when that's set to premiere, but fans can expect Season 10 of American Horror Story to air on FX sometime in 2021.

Next up, Apple TV is slowly putting together it's Swan Song.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Awkwafina (The Little Mermaid) and Mahershala Ali (Marvel's Blade) are both set to star in the series alongside Naomi Harris (Skyfall). Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Glenn Close has also joined the burgeoning A-list cast.

Not much is known about the project beyond the fact that it is a genre-bending drama set in the future and that it explores how far someone will go, or how much they might sacrifice, to make a happier life for the people they love. 

Awkwafina will play Kate, the close friend and confidant of Ali's Cameron. Close will reportedly play the head scientist at a facility where all that genre-bending happens.

No release date has been set for the project.

And finally, Marvel has announced that fan favorite — and soon-to-be star of her own Disney+ TV series — Kate Bishop will be making her appearance in the next DLC of the Marvel's Avengers game, as seen in a video introducing her and her upcoming mission (below).  

Titled Taking A.I.M., this new DLC is being touted as the first new chapter of "Season 1" of the Avengers Initiative campaign. It will see Kate — who'd previously been thought to be dead — travel across a bridge through time to rescue her mentor (and fellow Hawkeye) Clint Barton, as well as cut off villain Monica Rappaccini from her future self. Of course, things can't be as straightforward as that, especially with time travel involved, so Kate will also find herself uncovering a conspiracy involving Nick Fury himself, along with a frightening new enemy. 

Also teased in the video, but much more briefly, is the arrival of none other than Clint Barton himself. However, fans won't be able to play him until early 2021, when he'll become available as part of "Operation Future Imperfect," which is set in a distant future after Kate's mission, when all hope is lost (ruh roh), and features a villainous Old Hulk (double ruh roh).

Until then, fans can spend a little extra time with one of the MCU's other "embigened" favorites, Kamala Khan, who starred in the first installment of Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop - Taking AIM swoops in on Dec. 8.