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Get behind the wheel yourself in Arcade1Up's deluxe 'Fast & Furious' arcade cabinet

Turn left! Right! Foot on the gas!

By Mason Brady
The Fast and the Furious

Ever thought you could race better than Dominic Toretto? If you answered yes, we’re inclined to think that’s a toxic level of confidence — but you can still try to prove us wrong with Arcade1Up’s new The Fast & Furious Deluxe Arcade Game. 

According to Yahoo!, the collectible cabinet game will feature two games based on The Fast and The Furious (the first movie in case you lost track), and Tokyo Drift. You can compete with your friends and of course, family, as it comes with Wi-Fi leaderboards to go along with a 17-inch LCD screen and full-color graphics. As for the games themselves, the first Fast & Furious game dates back to 2004 for its original arcade release, while The Fast and the Furious: Drift hit arcades in 2007Both games are pretty much what you'd expect from an arcade game mining the street racing film franchise, with plenty of speed and crashes to go around.

As for Arcade1Up's cabinet version, you can enjoy your very own 10-second-car with an authentic-style steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, and a 4-speed shifter that, unlike the movies, isn’t just for show.

A product shot showing a Fast & the Furious arcade game from a side angle

Assuming you’ve pulled off heists as successful as Dom Torretto’s family, the game will be just an affordable $599.99 on retail. You can find more intel on Arcade1Up's official website ahead of the official release on May 5. If you're coming up a little short on cash, we know a Fast Five-era vault that might be able to help you out.

With Fast X fast approaching the starting line May 19, 2023, this cabinet game is a nice way to stay in the racing mood while we wait. We’re thrilled to see the literal twists and turns Louis Letterier is going to bring us, and we’re assuming they’re gonna be great, because he’s already been picked for the saga's final installment in Fast 11.

After you and your family have had your fill on gaming for the day, make sure to get yourselves a hot dog and a Corona. It’s what Dom would want.