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SYFY WIRE cosplay

Avengers and Overwatch cosplay close out C2E2 2019

By Jacob Oller

As C2E2 comes to a spectacular end with its 10th year fully seen through, it's staggering how many panels and guests have been through its hallowed halls. But then, compared to the amount of cosplayers, the ratio is pretty one-sided. The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo's 2019 close offered up some of its best costumes and characters yet ... and SYFY WIRE was on the ground documenting them all.

While there were plenty of Pokémon and Star Wars characters represented, as they were on the kickoff and middle days of the con, Sunday was highlighted by Avengers, anime, and Overwatch: all genre offerings with absolute tons of characters to choose from.

The day also featured plenty of one-off goodies like Power Rangers, Bowsette, and all the Indiana Jones supporting cast. Not Indy himself ... just everyone else.

See for yourself.

C2E2 has been incredible for another year, and it's always sad to see it go. But looking back on all the great cosplay, and all the news and features that SYFY WIRE broke from the panels and Live Stage, will let fans relive the experience over and over again. Until next year, at least.