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Disney's Avengers Campus drops new details at NYCC 2019, from Quinjet missions to Wakanda adventures

By Jacob Oller
Avengers Campus Spider-Man

For those who can't wait to suit up themselves, emulate Spider-Man, and join the Avengers, New York Comic Con had plenty of good news. Disney California Adventure park as well as Disney Paris are getting their own Avengers Campus in 2020 and SYFY WIRE was at the Disney Parks NYCC panel when all the details were dropped.

But this is no Endgame: It's just the beginning. Recruitment videos for aspiring heroes have launched. Nick Fury is waiting in the post-credits scene. It's time for the kids to become the heroes. The Worldwide Engineering Brigade will house a Spider-Man ride, complete with a webslinging vehicle, as would-be heroes test their mettle while the Pym Test Kitchen plays with food and size just like the Ant-Man films. Fans should certainly keep an eye open for all their favorite masked crusaders when they venture on vacation.

The panel on the NYCC mainstage showed off a sizzle reel of Imagineering before introducing the brains behind the Marvel addition to the park. Imagineering creative executive Scot Drake, Marvel franchise creative/marketing VP Dave Bushore, creative director of Marvel themed entertainment Brian Crosby, live entertainment executive creative director Dan Fields, and creative director Caroline May talked about their experiences creating these combinations of Marvel characters and Disney rides.

May gave a few more details about Disney's Hotel New York (in Paris, of course). It's debuting "The Art of Marvel" in the summer of 2020, featuring an extensive and diverse collection of art counting more than 300 pieces so far — and it's still growing. The lobby is getting big Avengers-themed window panels from Carlos Gomez; the diner is telling a line art chronology of Marvel art. 476 rooms showcase comic art completely stripped of dialogue or description, says May. There's a whole Captain America floor, for crying out loud.

Moving on to live entertainment, the panel discussed the upcoming features. Guardians of the GalaxyCosmic Rewind is on its way to Epcot ... but the real news is Avengers Campus. Doctor Strange welcomes visitors into his sanctum, which may feature a few unexpected faces popping in through portals, while Peter Parker webs up some rogue bots in a park-exclusive suit. But just as the films ramped up the entertainment as the team-ups began, Avengers Campus has an exciting Phase II: a mission on board a Quinjet. This quickly goes awry and splits into a fight alongside the Avengers deep in the heart of Wakanda. A group experience becomes a more individual mission, and everyone becomes an Avenger.

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