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Barack Obama highlights Parasite, Watchmen among his favorites of 2019

By Donnie Lederer
Barack Obama

2019 was a big year for movies and television. We saw the ending of the Infinity Saga and the Rise of Skywalker. We now know who won the Game of Thrones. Oh, and a Baby Yoda stole all of our hearts.

Everyone on social media is currently posting their “best of 2019” lists, and former president Barack Obama decided to join in on all the fun. He posted on his Twitter account an infographic of his favorite movies, as well as what television shows felt as powerful as movies.

While the majority of the list focused on drama, there were a few genre hits throughout the graph, which caught our eye. President Obama enjoyed the documentary Apollo 11, chronicling the first voyage to the Moon. What could not be further in the opposite direction was the Bong Joon-ho thriller Parasite.

On the TV side of things, Obama agreed with all of us in his love of HBO’s Watchmen, starring Regina King and Jeremy Irons. While Fleabag isn’t a sci-fi or comic book program, Solo’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge created something special, so it can’t go unmentioned.

With 2020 right around the corner, with new chapters in both movies and television about to premiere, it will be interesting to see what President Obama’s December 2020 tweet will bring.