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SYFY WIRE Batwoman

'Batwoman' star Javicia Leslie on where Season 4 would have gone, had it not been canceled

The Arrowverse show was recently canceled after three seasons.

By Josh Weiss
Javicia Leslie as Batwoman in Batwoman

Last month, The CW began to clean house with a parade of unexpected cancelations, starting with Batwoman, which, after its second and third seasons, had found solid ground with Javicia Leslie in the titular role (taking over from Ruby Rose as a brand-new character named Ryan Wilder).

While Leslie's time in Gotham City has come to an end, the actress couldn't help but muse on where the series would have gone in a fourth season during a recent interview with with, where she revealed that another televised outing would have featured more of the blossoming romance between "Wildmoore," a portmanteau of Wilder and Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy).

"I think Meagan and I would also love to continue to play that love story," Leslie said. "We'd love to see Mary and Luke maybe spark something. I also would love to see what's going to happen with Alice. What we were blessed with was the ability to create a beautiful finale that, whether we came back or not, is very satisfying for all of us. Alice going off into the abyss as a person that has regained herself and her identity and, honestly, her sanity — I think it'd be beautiful to see where she is, even if she ended up back to being the same old Alice. It's such an interesting journey to have been able to experience. And the actress, Rachel Skarsten, has done such an amazing job playing every part of Alice and Beth."

Despite the unceremonious cancelation, the actress harbors no ill will towards the network and would step back into Ryan's shoes at the drop of a cowl if asked to return at some point down the line. 

"If my schedule allows it, I'm always down to play in Gotham," she told Digital Spy. "I mean, Batwoman is a part of my fibre at this point. It's a part of my fabric. I think the most amazing part is, that was a character that we created. It's not something I have to play into, it's something that we created out of our own spirit and our own souls ... "If Batwoman comes back, amazing. But if not, I really have to work for the next few months to separate myself a bit from the character."

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, showrunner Caroline Dries sounded on a potential fourth season, stating that if the project was lucky enough to be renewed, she and the writing staff would need to detonate "a gigantic external conflict bomb onto season 4 to shake it up."

Batwoman was one of several DC-inspired titles to receive the axe from The CW, which is preparing to be sold off to a new owner (it's currently operated by CBS and Warner Bros. Discovery). Legends of Tomorrow and Naomi were also canceled, while Superman & Lois, Stargirl, and The Flash survived the purge. Nevertheless, rumors continue to persist that Flash will come to a definitive conclusion after an allegedly shortened ninth season. But where there is death, there is also life, with Gotham Knights nabbing a full series order alongside The Winchesters and Walker: Independence.

All three seasons of Batwoman are now streaming on HBO Max.

If you're looking for some sci-fi TV to check out in the meantime, Peacock has SYFY hit Resident Alien, as well as originals like Brave New World and Intergalacticstreaming now.