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Trolls and Mummies and Dragons, Oh My! The 5 Best Animated Kids Shows on Peacock

What animated gems are waiting for you in the Peacock library this month?

By Tara Bennett

We love animation at SYFY WIRE, yet we're always surprised when we dive into the Peacock library to discover their huge collection of animated kids originals that you might have missed throughout the years.

In the Kids TV section on NBCUniversal's streaming service, you'll find everything from contemporary shows based on best-loved films to nostalgic classics that families can get to know together. Every month, there are exciting new additions!

This month, we've curated five excellent series that will appeal to all age ranges, which will definitely keep the kiddos entertained for hours. 

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5 Great Animated Series to Discover Now on Peacock

Trolls: TrollsTopia

With Trolls Band Together exclusively streaming March 15 on Peacock, it's a good time to dive into the sequel series, Trolls: TrollsTopia. Through seven seasons, it tells stories featuring the characters from the movies bonding, singing, and having grand adventures between World Tour and Trolls Band Together. A great extension of the world, it's a colorful, 2D animation series that will expand the universe for families who love the movies.

Dragons: Riders of Berk

With the hype for the 2025 live-action How to Train Your Dragon film gearing up, there's plenty of canon material to bone up on in preparation. DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk is the first of three animated series (all streaming on Peacock) that officially fill out the stories between the first two How to Train Your Dragon movies. The vocal talent from the films, including Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera and Christopher Mintz-Plass, reprise their characters as they help integrate dragons and Norse Vikings in their attempt to cohabitate alongside one another in Berk. They also introduce the Dragon Training Academy. A great series for those whole love the world of the films, it also expands the supporting character's stories in meaningful ways. 

Camp Lakebottom

If you're into camping and monsters, Camp Lakebottom is a really fun, monster-centric animated series about three tweens who get left at the wrong summer camp. Meant to land at Camp Sunny Smiles, they end up at Camp Lakebottom, which is home to friendly zombies, sasquatches, and a sea monster. Turns out the monsters are pretty good summer camp friends, unlike the humans. Featuring a distinct and highly-stylized animation style, this is a series for the kids who love all things weird and left of normal.

The Mighty Ones

The Mighty Ones proves you never know the heroes that might be in your backyard. And in this case, it's a twig, a pebble, a leaf, and a strawberry doing crazy things together in their little patch of perfection. Featuring broad jokes and very cartoony animation, there are four seasons worth of adventures to dive into. 

The Mummy 

Brendan Fraser Rachel Weisz The Mummy Returns

Did you know there's an animated sequel series set within The Mummy films featuring Rick and Evy O'Connell? The series focuses on their tween son, Alex O'Connell (voiced by Chris Marquette), who travels the world with his parents searching for ancient antiquities and long-forgotten locales. Lasting two seasons, the adventure-centric series has an over-arching story about trying to get the Manacle of Osiris off Alex's wrist. But during the adventures of the week, he learns to master it, and its powers. While the stories weren't considered absolute canon to the film franchise, there's still plenty to enjoy in delving deeper into the character's back stories and getting to enjoy them in a new medium.

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