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Pete Davidson brings the jokes in wild outtake reel from A24 horror film 'Bodies Bodies Bodies'

The Bodies Bodies Bodies mayhem continues behind the scenes.

By Matthew Jackson
Bodies Bodies Bodies PRESS

Bodies Bodies Bodies emerged over the summer as one of the most acclaimed genre films of the year, a wickedly funny thriller that also managed to deliver the scary movie goods via its ensemble cast. Now, the movie's finally available to watch at home, and to celebrate, A24 has dropped a series of outtakes that prove the film was as fun to make as it was to watch. 

We say "outtakes" because the footage that arrived today isn't entirely bloopers, or even mostly bloopers. We do get at least a few of those, including Maria Bakalova's repeated attempts to make a single shot on a basketball court, but much of the reel below is devoted a bit more to the alternate lines and alternate deliveries brought out by the cast during shooting.

Halina Reijn's film, which follows a group of friends as they gather at a mansion for a hurricane party that goes very wrong, has the feel of a group of young people just hanging out and talking, and that's in part because it seems like Reijn allowed the cast plenty of room to play with their dialogue. You can especially see those gifts in stars Rachel Sennott (whose breakthrough hit Shiva Baby remains a must-watch) and Pete Davidson (who recently left Saturday Night Live for a new Peacock original series, Bupkis), both of whom spend a lot of time in the clips below messing around with delivery and word choice, to great effect. 

Check out the outtakes below, and be on the lookout for some NSFW language:

Bodies Bodies Bodies landed in theaters back in August after a celebrated SXSW premiere in the spring, and quickly became part of what's been an especially strong year for fan-favorite genre studio A24. Other major A24 genre releases this year include the dimension-hopping masterpiece Everything Everywhere All at Once, Ti West's dual slashers X and Pearl, and the heartwarming stop-motion charmer Marcel The Shell with Shoes On, and the year's not over yet.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is now available on Blu-ray and digital.

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