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Virtual reality meets the post-apocalypse in exclusive first look at BOOM Studios' 'EVE'

By Matthew Jackson

What if the future of the planet rested in the hands of an eleven-year-old girl? That's the question at the heart of EVE, a new science fiction miniseries from writer Victor LaValle (Destroyer) and artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance) coming this May from BOOM! Studios. It's a dazzling, imaginative view of hope amid the darkness of a breaking world, and SYFY WIRE is pleased to offer an exclusive first look today. 

The five-issue series follows the title character, Eve, who has spent her life living in a virtual reality world, but the world outside is a different matter. Melting ice caps unleashed a hidden virus which wiped out most of humanity, and the plant bears little resemblance to the version of the world that Eve was raised to know. Now, to save her real father, Eve must leave her secluded childhood home and see what the planet is really like, because in the end she might be its only hope. 

Check out five pages of the series' first issue, exploring Eve's life in a place known as "The Island," in the gallery below. 

When the series was first announced back in February, LaValle — whose prose work includes the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker-nominated novella The Ballad of Black Tom and the acclaimed dark fairy tale The Changeling — described EVE as an effort to reckon with a central, existential question of modern life: How are we leaving the world for the next generation?

“What kind of planet are we leaving to our kids? This is the question that spawned my comic book. It’s an old one, of course. Many generations have wrestled with it, but the question has never been as immediate,” said LaValle. “But I didn’t want to write some grim story about how this joint went to hell. Instead, I wanted to write a story about how we let the planet fall apart and left it to the younger generations to fix it. So this is a story, inspired by young folks like Mari Copeny, Elsa Mengistu, Greta Thunberg and so many more, of how an eleven-year-old girl, EVE, and her android teddy bear try to do the seemingly impossible: save the planet, save us.”

To find out exactly how Eve and her android teddy bear fare out in the real world, pick up EVE #1 May 5. Print copies of the series will be available exclusively through local comics shop and the BOOM! Studios webstore, with digital copies available everywhere digital comics are sold.