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SYFY WIRE BrightBurn

Horror has a superhero in terrifying, final Brightburn trailer

By Jacob Oller

The Marvel universe would never go full Brightburn. Not even the DCEU would get so dark. But for director David Yarovesky, writers Brian and Mark Gunn, and producer James Gunn, some hard-R horror was just what the world of superheroes needed. Now that their spooky-looking film (about a Superman-esque origin story gone terribly wrong) is nearing its theatrical release, the movie has dropped its final bloody trailer.

Laser eyes, telekinesis, flight, super strength, and super speed are all great powers for helping people. Or tearing them apart like tissue paper. The last trailer for Brightburn shows off less of Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn) becoming evil, as in former clips, instead focusing on pure wrath. Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, a few cops, and a poor waitress all suffer superpowered atrocities at his hands — and it’s all super scary.

Check it out:

A shotgun will definitely not be helpful. And yikes, the glass removal is almost as nasty as the red-band scene.

Revenge is coming from this evil Superman (Bizarro? Is he just Bizarro?), while the only way to stop him seems to be addressing the personal issues at the root of it all — which is the one thing the trailers have yet to touch. Brightburn will also be Gunn’s first foray back into theaters in any capacity since his firing/rehiring at Disney, meaning that he’ll have a DC movie (The Suicide Squad), a Marvel movie (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3), and a universe-less Sony superhero movie all coming out in a row. The writer/director is really running the Infinity Gauntlet here.

Brightburn gives us a supervillain origin story on May 24.