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Butcher Babies' Heidi Shepherd reveals upcoming Lobo-based song on SYFY WIRE's 'Metal Crush Mondays'

By Jacob Oller
Metal Crush Monday week two

Last week, SYFY WIRE's "Metal Crush Mondays" kicked off with a badass tease from Black Veil Brides' Andy Black about his involvement with metal-tastic DC comic Dark Nights: Death Metal. Now another DC property is the topic of conversation: Lobo. The antihero was born out of the hardcore '90s comics of bikers and blown cigar smoke but has taken on an interesting evolution over the years — including a live-action stint on Krypton.

During a conversation with SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore (which also featured New Years Day's Ash Costello and Sevendust's Lajon Witherspoon), Butcher Babies' Heidi Shepherd spoke about her connection to Lobo and some upcoming music that might just feature the Czarnian killer. Superman's a chump, anyway, right?

The interview below accompanies a screening of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter that airs on SYFY tonight as part of this week's "Metal Crush Mondays."

Take a look:

"I'm just gonna tell you this: We have written a song about Lobo," Shepherd said. "It might be on the new album. We'll see. We haven't recorded it fully yet." While it's not specifically about Lobo's scruffy sex appeal, it's certainly about how he's "the 'main man,'" according to Shepherd. "Lobo's my fave. He's just a metal guy, just throws on metal music and is super destructive — but is a teddy bear at heart. And that's so metal. Every metalhead is that exact same way."

In other words, contrary to Lobo's tough-as-nails persona in the comics, the character's soft side might finally get a highlight courtesy of the Butcher Babies.


"Metal Crush Mondays" airs on SYFY every Monday in August. Butcher Babies has a new album on the way, with a new single coming in September. Fans can find more interviews on SYFY WIRE's YouTube page and extended "Metal Crush Mondays" conversations on the Metal Crush podcast.

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