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Captain Marvel #30 exclusive: Superstar designer Jamie McKelvie returns for his first Carol Danvers story

By Matthew Jackson

Nine years ago, artist Jamie McKelvie unveiled a new costume for Marvel superhero Carol Danvers to accompany the character's new role as Captain Marvel. In the near-decade since, that costume has become a piece of superhero iconography recognized around the world, appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe films and launching thousands of "Carol Corps" cosplayers higher, further, and faster. This summer, for the first time, McKelvie will return to the character he helped relaunch to write and draw one of her stories. 

Today, SYFY WIRE can exclusively reveal that McKelvie, co-creator behind hits like Young Avengers Volume 2 and The Wicked + The Divine, will be part of the upcoming oversized 30th issue of the current volume of Captain Marvel, which hits stores this July. McKelvie will take on both writer and artist duties on the character for the first time, to tell a story of Carol Danvers teaming up with another Marvel hero whose look he helped design, Ms. Marvel herself, Kamala Khan.

"Despite designing both Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, I never had the chance to work on stories about either of them," McKelvie said in a statement. "So I was excited to be asked to contribute to this issue, and get to tell a story that gets to the heart of how I see both Carol and Kamala."

But McKelvie won't be doing the issue alone. This is an oversized 30th issue special, and that means the main Captain Marvel creative team of writer Kelly Thompson and artist Jacopo Camagni will also have plenty of room to soar. Earlier this year, we gave you a sneak peek at the new magic-infused costume design for the Captain Marvel arc that kicked off in issue #28 this week. This July, that arc will come to its thrilling conclusion, as Carol Danvers digs deeper into her push to learn magic and stop the dark future she fears. Check out Marco Checchetto's cover for issue #30, along with peeks at Camagni's art for both #28 (color) and #29 (black and white) in the gallery below. 

And here's Marvel's official solicit text for the issue, highlighting the culmination of the coming magical struggle:

"Carol Danvers thinks she’s seen it all, including a terrifying future that only she can prevent. Convinced that magic is the answer to her problem, she’s about to face a hard truth: No magic in the universe can save her from herself. Captain Marvel holds the lives of billions in her hands — and the decision she makes here will change her forever. Past, present and future are about to collide! Don’t miss the oversized 30th issue of Captain Marvel, including a special story written and drawn by Jamie McKelvie, the original designer of the Captain’s now-iconic red, blue and yellow suit!"

Though wrapping up the "Strange Magic" arc is a key part of this special issue, Thompson -- who's been telling this story with Carol for more than two years now -- also emphasized that it's a celebration, not just of the 30-issue milestone but of the whole journey Carol Danvers has been on to get this far.

"I'm trying to think of something charming and clever to say that implies I had confidence all along that we would get here...but it would be lies," Thompson said. "It's been such a wild ride...always trying to push Carol to the edge and tell the best stories we can because you never know when your time will be up. And I'm so delighted to be here with her now for this milestone and I hope we've got a few more in our future! There's no reason to mess with [Kelly Sue] DeConnick's perfection here - 'higher, further, faster, more!'"

Captain Marvel #30 is in stores July 21.