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SYFY WIRE Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel officially thunders into MCU with red carpet premiere

By Christian Long
Captain Marvel Ben Mendelsohn

If there was one thing made clear at the world premiere of Captain Marvel in Hollywood tonight, it was that this is will be a definitive turning point for the MCU as a whole.

"It's been a long time coming," explained MCU guru Kevin Feige, recalling when he first announced the film roughly four and a half years ago. "When we first met with Brie [Larson], my daughter was probably 5 or 6, and we said, 'One of the many reasons to make this movie is so she has someone to look up to.'"

Feige also talked about the longstanding tradition of the late Stan Lee appearing in Marvel movies. This being the first MCU film released since Lee's death last November, Feige promised that Captain Marvel "begins as a celebration to Stan and his legacy."

He also explained that when Lee would come in to shoot his scenes, it "became a holiday on set." While that tradition will sadly come to an end soon as the MCU continues to move forward, Feige did say Lee will appear in "another coming up as well."

Aside from star Brie Larson and the rest of cast and crew, also on hand was Pinar Toprak, the composer of Captain Marvel — the first female composer for the MCU. Toprak explained the challenge of composing a theme that struck a balance between strength and vulnerability "because the vulnerability, it doesn't take away from the strength. So the key was figuring out something that was substantial and empowering but, hopefully, goes straight to your heart as well."

In order to help achieve this, Toprak took an unconventional approach to the music. "The main theme starts with a minor 7th. A lot of the superhero themes are a 4th or a 5th, and I knew I wanted to find a theme that was recognizable from the first two notes."

Samuel L. Jackson also went on the record about his "special relationship" with Goose the cat, who's become quite the celebrity of late.

"I don't have a special relationship with Goose the cat," Jackson replied, without missing a beat, adding "only in the movie."

So, to recap: Nick Fury is a cat person, whereas Jackson is not. Noted.

Of course, Marvel kept things very on brand with Carol Danvers' Top Gun aesthetic, kicking off the event with six Air Force Thunderbirds jets soaring over the red carpet.

Captain Marvel soars into theaters everywhere this Friday.