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The Cats trailer gets a jellicle upgrade when set to RuPaul's Kitty Girl

By Brian Silliman
Francesca Hayward in Cats

Now that we're on the other side of San Diego Comic-Con, let's talk about what really matters — not Marvel's gargantuan slew of announcements, not Star Trek: Picard, and not His Dark Materials. No, it's time to get back to talking about the Cats trailer. Hear us out.

The trailer that launched a thousand memes still has some juice left in the tank, even after a full weekend of geeky reveals that included everything from Blade to Seven of Nine. The jellicle trailer for Tom Hooper's jellicle adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical naturally used music from Cats itself, because Cats is a show about dancing and singing cats. The hit song "Memory" came from the show, and Jennifer Hudson's new rendition of it can be heard in the trailer.

What if, just what if, there was a version of the creepy mo-capped kitty trailer that didn't use any music from the show at all? What would that be like, and what song would be appropriate? The end-credits music from Curb Your Enthusiasm comes to mind, but Twitter user @N8W0LF had a different approach. They set the trailer to RuPaul's Kitty Girl, and as they write in the tweet, it syncs up like "Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz."

Take a look

We have to say it, we just do: It's puuuurrrfect. We don't even need the movie now, this plays like a fully functioning music video. It's the kind of thing that Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry would direct, and suddenly all of the jellicle cats aren't the things in our decidedly un-jellicle nightmares.

As for the story? Cats itself doesn't have much of one ... so there's not much to lose? That might not be fair, though. We're sure that Hooper and company have more tricks up their sleeve, and that the initial burst of internet reaction has only fueled the public's desire to see the full movie. Still, sitting there on opening night, how many audience members will have RuPaul's jellicle voice in their jellicle heads? We probably will. It's just too good.

Cats will come purring into theaters on December 20. You'll won't be able to touch it, and it won't be so easy to leave it.

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