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Chapelwaite: Watch worms wriggle out of Adrien Brody's nose in red-band trailer for Stephen King-inspired series

By Josh Weiss
Chapelwaite Still

Feeling a little deflated after such an action-packed weekend full of pop culture reveals? Why not pick yourself up with the stomach-turning red-band trailer for the Stephen King-inspired series Chapelwaite, which features the incredibly unsettling visual of Adrien Brody (King Kong) picking bloodied worms out of his nose?

“Long story short, there was the option of doing this with computer-generated worms, and then I piped up and said, ‘Let's use a real one.’” We had a worm wrangler who handled these worms with her bare hands. I was more concerned about the hands touching my worm than the worm," Brody revealed during the show's Comic-Con@Home panel.

Brody leads the show's cast as Captain Charles Boone, a man who relocates his three children to the family's ancestral home of Chapelwaite in the seemingly sleepy town of Preacher’s Corners, Maine after his wife dies at sea. While there, Charles starts to experience strange things inside the house and is eventually forced to confront a dark force that's plagued the Boone surname for generations.

You can watch the trailer below. However, please be warned that the following footage does contain shocking and explicit imagery that may not be suitable for younger viewers...

Premiering on Epix next month, the TV series is set in the 1850s and draws from the plot of Stephen King's short story, "Jerusalem's Lot." Published in 1978, the piece of gothic fiction is a Lovecraft-inspired tale about an indescribable horror lurking within the walls of a grand old manor house. If you've read the story, then you'll know just how integral a certain worm is to the denouement.

Emily Hampshire (12 Monkeys) co-stars as Rebcca Morgan, an ambitious young writer who agrees to serve as the governess for the Boones, whom she intends to write about for the new and prestigious Atlantic Magazine. In taking the job against the wishes of her mother, Rebecca unravels a mystery that has also haunted the Morgan family over the years.

Donald De Line, Jason Filardi, Peter Filardi, and Burr Steers are executive producers.

Chapelwaite moves onto Epix Sunday, Aug. 22 at 10 p.m. EST.