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Chosen One of the Day: D-O, the most polite droid

By Preeti Chhibber

There’s a lot happening in The Rise of Skywalker — new characters, new planets, new droids. You all know I love a droid! TRoS gives us one of my favorite new lil dudes, D-O. 

We first meet D-O in an abandoned ship on Pasaana, and he’s so cute! Look at his little cone-head, his little wheel. When BB-8 reactivates him, he takes a second to get oriented, and then “H-hello.” He stammers a little, and there’s a nervousness about him. 

When he and BB zoom around the corner to meet the rest of the crew, as the resident droid-enthusiast, Rey reaches forward to — well, I’m not sure what, exactly. Shake his nose? 
But D-O pulls back and says, “No, thank you.” Same, D-O. Don’t touch me, anyone. D-O is all about the social distance and I respect that. (Granted, in this case, it’s less because of a pandemic and more because someone mistreated him. How dare.) 

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker D-O droid 1

All D-O needed was a little softness and a quick squeaky wheel fix, and then he could run circles around BB-8 and say hello to giant horse-aliens! 

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker D-O droid 2