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Chosen One of the Day: Iron Man's bodycon armor

By Stephanie Williams

Tony Stark has had some really dope Iron Man armor over the years. From the gray Tin Man-looking MK I armor from the '60s to the bleeding edge armor of 2010, Tony is the Giorgio Armani of high-tech protective covering. But one of his greatest creations, hands down, is the Fashion Nova-inspired bodycon armor of the '70s and early '80s, the Iron Man Armor MK IV.


MK IV armor leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. It's the freakum dress of Iron Man armor, a reminder that Tony Stark has a body too. The armor looks as though it fits his body like a glove. There is the appearance of sinewy muscle all over the suit. It comes with well-defined abs, shoulders that look like boulders, quad muscles that could smash watermelons, and last but certainly not least, a well-defined backside.

Who could blame Tony for making such a sexy suit? When you’re fighting alongside Chippendale headliners like Thor, Captain America, and Wonder Man, you have to remind folks you put in gym time too.

The MK IV armor is the ultimate flex in "Hey, I’m packing some heat — and I don’t mean that kind of heat."

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