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Chosen One of the Day: Janet van Dyne, fashion designer

By Stephanie Williams

Wanda Maximoff is Marvel's answer to Andy Cohen-meets-Mona Scott-Young. In the eight-issue series The House of M , she manufactures alternate realities for members of the Avengers and X-Men. It's a mess of all messes but an entertaining mess nonetheless. Luke Cage has cornrows reminiscent of Shemar Moore’s lace-front wig from Diary of A Mad Black Woman. Gwen Stacy is still alive, married to Peter Parker with a child. But perhaps the best alternate life to have come out of this was Janet van Dyne as a fashion designer.

In a panel that should be thought of as iconic, Janet styles the one and only Ororo Munroe, who seems to still be a bad bitch in Wanda’s other reality. Janet is clearly a stylist who listens to her clients too. She remembers to get Storm fabrics from Wakanda. She knows to design something that won’t bunch when Storm summons the elements. Plus, the dress Storm models for her is very flattering on the legendary X-Men member. Janet van Dyne in her asymmetrical bob is the Anna Wintour in Wanda’s version of life.


It makes sense Janet would be a fashion designer in another reality. It's not too far removed from her personality in her early days with the Avengers. She was all about that socialite life and commented on Thor’s attractiveness every moment she could. Commenting on Thor’s attractiveness basically means she has an eye for what looks good. Honestly, who could argue with that?