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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Ryan Gosling as Young Hercules

By Courtney Enlow

Forty years ago today, the world was gifted with unproblematic Canadian baby goose, Ryan Gosling. And 22 years ago, he gifted us with Young Hercules, a TV show about Hercules going to school to learn how to Herc.

Baby Goose starred in Young Hercules when he was just 17, the implication being that this tiny bag of maple handsome would grow up to be Kevin Sorbo, and which is very funny. The Sorbaby Show also has some of the greatest episode descriptions mine eyes have ever seen, episodes like:

  • Hercules meets an amnesiac who literally fell from the sky and takes him to the academy, unaware he is actually related to him.
  • Hercules comes into possession of an eye that can foretell the future, but the blind witches that own it curse his friends to get it back.
  • Herc and his friends travel to Athens to hire a new cook for the academy and try to help a tribe of Amazons escape an evil sea captain who has enslaved them.
  • Lucius returns, with an even more diabolic plan to kill Hercules.

Sea captains?! Disembodied eyes?! Amnesiac sky cousins!? Even more diabolic?! We aren't worthy. And Goose KNOWS IT


THOSE MONSTERS WEREN'T EVEN REALLY THERE. Give the man a belated EGOT for this role, please.