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Chosen One of the Day: The backboard Mayday Parker demolished

By Stephanie Williams

The Spider-Girl comic series that reads like a show that could have easily fit in ABC’s iconic TGIF lineup. There are a number of moments throughout the series that go perfectly with a laugh track or even a live studio audience for the random oohs and ahhs. One of those moments happens in Issue 2 of the Spider-Girl series.

Mayday Parker, the daughter of an alternate universe Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, goes full Shaq and shatters a backboard while playing for her high school basketball team. The backboard is demolished, never to be the same again. Instead of the crowd, her coach, teammates, the other team, and pretty much every soul in the gymnasium going dead silent at witnessing this teenage girl dunk like she’s competing in an NBA All-Star dunk contest, they cheer her own as though its a normal routine thing. Only her parents look on in shock at her sending this poor high school backboard to backboard heaven.


It's truly amazing the next panels aren’t of Mayday, Peter, and Mary Jane all sitting down to watch the replay included in a SportsCenter highlight reel. It’s surprising the GM from the Knicks didn’t show up at their home later that night.

The backboard isn’t even broken by her hanging on the rim and not letting go of it. In the panel, she is seen jumping higher than Jason Richardson could ever dream of and slamming the ball down so hard that the glass breaks like Thanos snapped it.


Rest in peace to the backboard obliterated by Mayday Parker.

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