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One of Chris Evans' greatest fears? Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

The Captain America and Ghosted star won't be stepping up to lead an SNL episode any time soon.

By Matthew Jackson
Chris Evans

Chris Evans has proven himself to be a pretty versatile performer over the years. He's done action movies, thoughtful dramas, outright comedies, and he's often shown he's pretty good at blending all of those elements into one project. He can do a lot, and sometimes it seems like he can do it all. But according to Evans himself, there's at least one job he's not willing to take: hosting Saturday Night Live

While out promoting his new action-comedy Ghosted, in which he stars alongside his Knives Out and The Gray Man costar Ana de Armas, Evans said that he would have been game to take on a cameo appearance in de Armas' episode of the legendary sketch comedy show. De Armas hosted SNL for the first time last weekend, just a week out from Ghosted's premiere on Apple TV+, so it would absolutely have made sense for Evans to pop up and say hello. While that didn't happen, perhaps a cameo is still in his future. But that's about all you can expect.

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“A cameo, I can handle. I’ve avoided hosting SNL like the plague for years now just because I’m so scared. It’s terrifying to me,” he told ET Canada. “I can’t believe Ana is doing it.”

So, why does SNL freak Evans out so much after years of working across genres and projects? It's simple: The live environment and the short production window would simply make him too nervous.

“It would just be one of those things that every single night I would wake up in a cold sweat," he said. "A cameo sounds great, that’s perfect. In and out, a little pop, get your toes wet, but hosting, I tip my hat to [Ana]. She’s going to be amazing, but it would provide a lot of sleepless nights for me.”

In fairness to Evans, hosting SNL is definitely not for everyone, as some of the show's more infamous hosts have proven over the course of nearly 50 years. It's a tough gig that requires you to show up, prepare, rehearse, and perform in less than a week's time, and while some sketches are pre-taped, the show really is live, so you don't get do-overs if you completely botch a sketch (though SNL will record dress rehearsal performances just in case). Some performers find that exhilarating, and indeed many of Evans' co-stars over the years have taken the leap. One of his most famous pals, Scarlett Johansson, is even married to SNL castmember and writer Colin Jost, so it's not like he's unfamiliar with the environment. It's just not his cup of tea, particularly since he thinks he's not a naturally funny human.

“I’m not a funny person," he said. "Maybe I only feel that because I have very, very funny friends who once told me I’m not a funny person. I just know how I would feel… it would just be an everyday anxiety, constant regret. 'Why did I do this? I could have been comfortable at my house, in my bed, not worrying about this.'”

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturday evenings at 11:30 p.m. ET.  The next episode on May 6 is set to be hosted by SNL alumnus Pete Davidson (promoting his new Peacock series, Bupkis), who will be joined by musical guest Lil Uzi Vert. All 48 seasons are now streaming on Peacock, including Ana de Armas' episode.