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Want to be 'Chucky' this Halloween? Your guide to dressing up as everyone's favorite killer doll

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By Vanessa Armstrong
Chucky Explains the Beauty of Killing People... to a Child

Season 2 of SYFY and USA Network's Chucky has been unleashed, and everyone's favorite murderous doll is going trick or treating along with us.

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Halloween is almost upon us in our world as well, and that means we need our own costumes. And what better costume is there for a Chucky fan than to dress up as Chucky himself?

Here are some ideas for pulling your own Chucky Halloween costume together before Oct. 31.

Option 1: Buy a pre-made Chucky costume

The easiest but more expensive route is to simply buy a pre-made costume. A simple internet search reveals that there are a ton of Chucky-inspired costumes out there, some with Chucky masks and some with just a red wig to match Chucky's hair. They come in adult and children's sizes and range anywhere from $29.99 to $59.99, though this extra-horrifying mask goes for $49.99 just on its own. Even your baby can get in on the Chucky Halloween festivities with their own sized costume.

If you're looking for something horrifying in its own special way, there are also some unofficial "sexy Chucky" costumes out there, because the internet.

Option 2: Make your own Chucky costume

If you don't want to go the pre-made route, matching Chucky's style is pretty easy, especially if you're a redhead and/or have a pair of overalls already in your closet. All you need is a pair of jean overalls, a rainbow-striped shirt, and red hair, which you can put together by buying a wig, dying your hair or — if you're already a ginger — just messing it up a bit and going au natural. Simply throw those items on, add a few freckles to your cheeks if you don't have any already and practice your Chucky smile — you're good to go scaring your friends and neighbors. Oh, and don't forget a kitchen knife.

Option 3: Give your Chucky costume a costume

Whether you go the pre-made or DIY route, you could add on an extra layer of intrigue by dressing up as a Chucky who is dressing up in his own Halloween costume. What would Chucky himself wear if he were to go trick or treating? A Hello Kitty! mask seems like something up his alley, or at least something he'd look creepingly cute in, judging by his Season 1 Halloween look on the SYFY/USA series. And plus, if you wore that, you wouldn't have to worry about painting on those freckles.

New episodes of Chucky air Wednesdays on SYFY and USA.