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SYFY WIRE Elijah Wood

WIRE Buzz: Elijah Wood horror 'Come to Daddy' trailer; The Matrix 4's Trinity prep work; more

By Jacob Oller
Come to Daddy still

Former Hobbit and all-around beloved genre actor Elijah Wood has been diving deep into horror for the latest phase of his career. Whether it’s acting in bloody indies (Maniac) or helping get films off the ground with his genre-focused company SpectreVision, Wood has invested in scares. Now he’s got a new role in a new father-son psychological slasher in the works — and it just released its first trailer.

Come to Daddy pits Wood’s tragically hairstyled Norval Greenwood against his father (Stephen McHattie) out in, of course, a cabin. Not in the woods, but on the coast. The weird vibes are unchanged, however.

Take a look:

Directed by Ant Timpson (in his feature debut) from Toby Harvard’s script, Come to Daddy promises murder, mayhem, and plenty of twists. What in the world is Wood looking at in all those secret passages and compartments of the cabin? Siblings? Dead bodies? Christmas presents? Fans can continue to speculate while appreciating the film’s poster:

Come to Daddy poster

Come to Daddy hits theaters, VOD, and Digital on Feb. 7.

Next, the new entry in The Matrix franchise is welcoming back tons of returning cast members, and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) has recently explained what it’s like to get back into gear for the sci-fi classic. Series co-creator Lana Wachowski is returning to co-write and direct, which means Moss and the rest of the crew will be (hopefully) slipping back into a comfortable routine.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Moss explained she’s needing to prepare for the physical demands of the role that begins production in February of next year. “It’s definitely 20 years later and I have to remember to take my time because I get pretty into it,” she said. “I have to be so incredibly strong to do it.” Sounds like Trinity will continue being as action-oriented as in the original trilogy.

But this isn’t just about giving fans the old Trinity again. Returning to the role is not “trying to replicate something” for Moss. “You’re trying to expand it,” she said. Wachowski’s script must have had something intriguing for the actress in order to bring her back, and plenty of action to get her preparing already.

The fourth Matrix film is set to hit theaters on May 21, 2021.

Finally, a little holiday spirit comes fans' way thanks to an unexpected group of festive merrymakers: an in-game group traversing the post-apocalyptic landscape of Fallout 76.

According to Forbes, the Wasteland Estates Homeowners Association (a comedy organization that works through the game via streaming service Twitch) is raising money for cancer charity Dear Jack Foundation by going from actual player-contructed camp to actual player-contructed camp in the game's online wasteland, bringing Christmas cheer as they go.

For each donation of $10 or more, the 3,000-plus-member troupe will head across consoles and dangerous territory to sing Christmas carols to whichever player the person making the donation chooses -- “until our lungs give out,” according to co-founder Jim Turner. Gamers looking to spread peace and goodwill in a game desperate for it won't have to turn on their light-rock radio station this holiday season -- they'll just need to contribute to a good cause. As of this publication, the effort has far surpassed its $200 goal by raising $633.

The carolling begins on Dec. 21 and will continue for as long as the donations require.