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D23: Breaking down The Mandalorian's first trailer


This weekend, D23 transformed into an extended promo for Disney+. But if the Stars Wars live-action series look as good as The Mandalorian, then we're pretty okay with that! We had to take a day to fully process the awesomeness of the first trailer for The Mandalorian. Now SYFY WIRE is assembling our panel of Star Wars experts to break it all down.

How wild is it that Werner Herzog is the only person to speak during the trailer for The Mandalorian? We suspect that Herzog isn't hosting a documentary in the Star Wars universe. Jon Favreau has already hinted that The Mandalorian will explore the darker side of Star Wars. The trailer certainly hints at a much higher level of violence: Just the opening seconds alone feature stormtrooper helmets, and possibly the heads within, impaled on spikes. And it looks like the Mandalorian himself may have decapitated a dude as well.

Boba Fett may not be in this show, but there were plenty of callbacks to The Empire Strikes Back. Taika Waititi's IG-11 kicked a lot of ass and looks a lot like IG-88, the bounty hunter droid from Empire. Additionally, the Mandalorian's tech is right out of Boba Fett's playbook. He even puts his bounties in frozen carbonite for convenience!

Although leading man Pedro Pascal was notably silent in the trailer, we did catch up with him for a few words on the press line. After that, we dived into the other big Star Wars news for the weekend, namely Obi-Wan Kenobi’s return ... on Disney+, of course.

For those details and more, check out the full video!