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WIRE Buzz: James Bond goes back to work; Netflix teases new anime Eden; more

By Jacob Oller
Daniel Craig James Bond Skyfall

Today’s WIRE Buzz rounds up upcoming genre features ranging from the classic spy tales to intensely modern anime, capped off with one of the most expensive pieces of fan merch available for purchase.

First, let’s check in on the seemingly cursed production of Bond 25. A month after star Daniel Craig suffered an accident requiring ankle surgery and two weeks after an on-set explosion injured a crew member, James Bond is getting back to work. The actor was seen in a new behind-the-scenes photo hitting the gym in order to finish filming—all while still in a cast.

Take a look:

Back on director Cary Fukunaga’s set at Pinewood Studios, Craig is getting jacked and ready for business, regardless of having a bum ankle. That’s what casts are for, right? Maybe he’ll pull a stunt like The Rock in the Fast & Furious series and flex the leg brace right off as part of some daring escape from Rami Malek’s villain. In any case, it’s good to see that production is resuming after a series of unfortunate setbacks.

007 is expected to return to the big screen on April 8, 2020.

Next, Netflix has given fans a new look at its upcoming anime series, Eden. The four-episode series, from Fullmetal Alchemist mainstay and famed anime director Yasuhiro Irie, is all about big robots and the far future—and now these mechanical stars are showing off a little of what’s to come.

Check them out:

Variety had a few more details on the series, reporting that the series’ robot protagonists treat humans like a myth, as they haven’t been seen or heard around the city of Eden 3 for centuries. That is until a few farming bots stumble upon a cryogenically frozen girl named Sarah and raise her as their own. However, their newfound human will face plenty of obstacles in this strange version of our world, the least of which is the villainous Zero and his robotic army.

Sara can be seen in one of the images shared by Netflix, while the other shows two massive robots juxtaposed against otherwise tranquil farmland. Eden will debut on the streaming service in 2020.

Finally, the new Star Wars theme park area in Disneyland, Galaxy's Edge, isn't just selling custom lightsabers for a few hundred dollars. In fact, for those blessed with plenty of credits (or those willing to bet their ship on a big investment), there exists a prize that will get Star Wars fans even closer to the reality of the films: a $25,000 R2-D2.

At least, it could be R2-D2 if you wanted. According to the Orange County Register, the custom R2-units (that can be any color or design the buyer wants), are remote-controlled and highly-coveted. With a no-return policy and shipping not included (you'll get your droid in 90 days), the three people that bought the droids during the section's first week must be giant fans -- or some high rollers from Canto Bight.

Would you drop twenty-five grand on a full-sized R2 unit?