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Watch David Harbour FaceTime the Duffer Brothers on Late Night to ask if he survived Stranger Things 3

By Matthew Jackson
David Harbour Late Night Duffer Brothers

If you're anxious for answers following the Season 3 finale of Stranger Things, you're not the only one. David Harbour is one of the show's biggest stars, and he's also desperate to know what happens next, so much so that he's willing to use any platform available to him to find out.

Harbour was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday night, and of course the subject of Stranger Things came up because Meyers himself is a fan. The two started talking about that now-famous cliffhanger epilogue to the Season 3 finale, which seems to have revealed that Harbour's character, Chief Jim Hopper, might actually be alive as a captive in a secret Russian facility that also houses a Demogorgon. In the scene, the Russians pull a man out of a cell to be fed to the Demogorgon and one of them references "The American" being kept in another cell. We don't see him, but it's heavily implied that the American in question is Hopper, somehow still alive after the Battle of Starcourt. Harbour confirmed to Meyers that he thought the same thing, but since then things have been a little touch and go.

“I was like, ‘Oh, clearly I’m the American,'” Harbour said. “And then I haven’t gotten many phone calls..."

With that, Harbour decided to go for broke, and pulled out his phone to place a FaceTime call to Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer, who believes are still "actually the one people that do know" what happens next in the series at this point. After a minute of confusion in which the Duffers tried to figure out why Harbour would call them during a taping of a talk show, Harbour simply asked them point-blank if Hopper is dead or not. 

"I mean, we're still...we're still figuring it out, David," Ross Duffer said, to a wave of laughter from Meyers' audience. 

After thanking the Duffers for being "a ton of help" and wishing them "good luck with Season 4," Harbour hung up, leaving us no closer to knowing the answer. Was it a staged little bit of business for the sake of late-night entertainment? Perhaps it was on Harbour and Meyers' end, since Harbour has to know a secret like that won't be revealed this way, but the Duffers seemed to be genuinely put on the spot by Harbour's call. It's nice to know the guys who've delivered surprise after surprise on Stranger Things can still be surprised themselves.

Stranger Things 4 is in the works, but does not yet have a release date.