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DC: Jenkins on Wonder Woman 1984 post-credit scene, sequel plans; Snyder Cut premiere; more

By Josh Weiss
Wonder Woman 1984

Like all comic book movies of the modern era, Wonder Woman 1984 does have a post-credits scene. And while critics have been able to view and review the long-awaited blockbuster, their screeners did not include the final scene.

"Yes," writer-director Patty Jenkins said on a recent episode of the ReelBlend podcast. "Let it be something to save for the audience. God forbid, somebody writes about it you're like, ‘Well, then what fun was it!?'" The filmmaker remained tight-lipped about specific details, but promised that it'll be attached to both the theatrical and streaming versions of the movie.

Until recently, Jenkins was gearing up for pre-production on a third Wonder Woman movie. Thanks to COVID-19 — which caused Wonder Woman 1984 to miss its intended summer 2020 bow in theaters — her plans for a trilogy capper are being put on a pause for now.

"It's interesting, I can actually came up with a story, and Geoff Johns and I beat out an entire story for Wonder Woman 3 that we were super fired up about, but I've never felt this way before as much as I do now," Jenkins added, mirroring something similar she said over the summer. "I don't think I'm doing it next and so, I sort of have to wait and see where we are in the world, you know? What I wanted to talk about in [WW84] was very prescient to what I was feeling and what you were feeling was coming. So now I'm not sure. So much has changed in the world. I still love the story that we came up with, I'm sure that parts of it would come over to it, but it's very interesting. I'm trying to say, 'Don't decide. Don't fall in love with anything, see what Wonder Woman would do now. What are you craving Wonder Woman to do in this world?'"

Wonder Woman 1984

Instead of an exclusive theatrical rollout, WW84 will simultaneously open in theaters and on HBO Max Christmas Day (Friday, Dec. 25). While this seemed like a one-time strategy to avoid pushing off the tentpole any further, Warner Bros. shocked the world by announcing that its entire 2021 slate of movies (which includes Dune, The Matrix 4, and The Suicide Squad) are all receiving identical treatment.

Responding to fan comments on Vero, Zack Snyder seemed to confirm that his preferred cut of Justice League will officially make its way to HBO Max in March 2021.

"I just hope I can wipe that version out of existence with what you see in March," he wrote. By "that version," he's clearly referring to the theatrical cut, whose extensive reshoots were overseen by Avengers alum Joss Whedon after Snyder left the production following a family tragedy. Snyder has been particularly outspoken against the theatrical cut, claiming that he's never seen it and never will. Even Jenkins wasn't a big fan.

The new take (although it's allegedly the director's original vision) on the 2017 crossover film is going to be broken up into four, one-hour chunks, although the streaming platform also plans to create a single four-hour version for those interested. Details are still hazy, but Snyder asserted in November that his version contains "2 and a 1/2 hours of unseen footage." Among the never-before-seen content is the villain Darkseid, the inclusion of Candice Patton's Iris West, and a brand-new design for Steppenwolf.

Reshoots for the fabled "Snyder Cut" took place in the fall.

Over in The CW's iteration of the DC Universe, Superman & Lois just cast another series regular. Deadline has confirmed that Tyrant star Adam Rayner will play Morgan Edge, a character described as "an intelligent, eloquent and impassioned self-made mogul who's innate ability to motivate is the means to his success and others' demise."

Edge does have a history in the comics, where he began as a telecommunications tycoon in Metropolis before becoming a proxy for baddies like Darkseid. In Smallville, Rutger Hauer and Patrick Bergin portrayed the character, who also appeared in Season 3 of Supergirl (where he was played by Adrian Pasdar). Superman & Lois is a direct spinoff of Supergirl, which will come to an end after its upcoming sixth season.

Rayner's definitely got the chiseled good looks to pull off a charming, yet secretly evil, businessman. Take a look:

Adan Rayner

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch lead the cast of the new show as Clark Kent and Lois Lane respectively. Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Wolé Parks, Jordan Elsass, Alexander Garfin, Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Erik Valdez, and Inde Navarrette co-star.