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Dean Cain writing Lois & Clark 'idea' exploring Superman's parenting skills

By Christian Long
Lois & Clark Dean Cain Teri Hatcher

The '90s superhero series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ended on something of a cliffhanger, and Dean Cain is interested in continuing that story.

Near the end of the fourth and final season, Superman (Cain) and Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher) have managed to get married and begin some semblance of a normal life together. After trying to have a child, it's discovered that Superman can't. Then, in the final episode, a baby shows up on their doorstep.

"We ended in a really weird spot, so we don’t know what’s going on," Cain said in an interview on The Talk. "We never got to finish it. You want to have an ending of some sort."

Now the former (and possibly future — if his pitch works) Superman is even writing out some ideas about how they could bring the series back. "I want them still together, they’ve got kids. Do they have babies now? How do they work that out? Do they have superpowers? I think they should. And all the things you can teach them about using their superpowers … I think it would be fun to explore."

The Talk - Dean Cain Says He's 'writing' for a 'Lois & Clark' Revival

Cain previously wrote two episodes of the series — "Season's Greetings" in Season 2 and "Virtually Destroyed" in Season 3 — so he definitely knows his way around these characters.

The series ran for four seasons on ABC, from 1993 through 1997. There were plans to continue it for a fifth, but after Hatcher stepped back to deal with some personal matters, the series was scrapped.

This isn't the first time a revival has been discussed, either. Cain first mentioned his idea of superparents in April of last year, and both Hatcher and Lois & Clark executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming said they were open to the idea of revisiting the series around the same time. Ross-Leming also mentioned that the child would've definitely been a focus had the show continued, although it hadn't been decided whether the kid would also be faster than a locomotive. (Although the plan was to age them into a teenager in mere months, so ...)

It's worth noting that superhero parenting isn't exactly a new idea. Back in 2004, The Incredibles centered on a superhero family, and 2006's Superman Returns had a subplot about Lois Lane's superpowered kid. Which, in context of the plot, kind of made Superman a deadbeat dad.

However, Lois & Clark had always established itself on the couple's relationship first, so seeing the happy couple through to parenthood would be the obvious way to continue their story. And, with series revival being all the rage, it's certainly possible that The Daily Planet's most famous reporters could make their way back to the small screen at some point.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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