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Does Abigail Have a Post-Credits Scene?

There's a lot of potential for an entire series of films, but does Abigail lay any sort of groundwork for more vampire action?

By Josh Weiss

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers below for Radio Silence's Abigail, including the ending!**

What do you get when you cross Count Dracula with the compositions of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky? A vampire ballerina. No, that wasn't a sad excuse for a joke — it's the bonkers premise behind Radio Silence's latest horror movie: Abigail (now playing in theaters everywhere).

An inspired meld of the the crime thriller and vampire genres, the film centers around a motley band of criminals hired to kidnap a 12-year-old girl (played by Matilda the Musical's Alisha Weir) as part of a plan to collect $50 million in ransom money from her wealthy father. Easy peasy, right? Not exactly. The six "Rat Pack" felons — Joey (Melissa Barrera), Frank (Dan Stevens), Sammy (Kathryn Newton), Rickles (Will Catlett), Peter (Kevin Durand), and Dean (Angus Cloud) — learn that actions have consequences when their seemingly harmless target turns out to be a super-powered vampire with an affinity for Swan Lake and good ol' fashioned mutilation.

Does Abigail Have a Post-Credits Scene?

No, the buzzy new horror film Abigail does not have a post-credits scene. Once the movie ends, it is over.

While the story has a definitive conclusion, Barrera would like to see more out of this universe. What's more: Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin aren't opposed to the idea of their young bloodsucker throw down with M3GAN.

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“What they’re just great at is allowing the first part of a movie to develop characters where you truly like them, know them and believe them as being real,” producer William Sherak says in the official studio production notes. "Then when you put them in this extraordinary situation — taking real people with real problems in life and throwing a tween vampire at them — watching that unfold is where we find the fun.”

“It feels like a heist movie that’s really intimate and character-driven, and it gets hijacked by a vampire movie," adds Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, who directed the project with Tyler Gillett . "We also thought that that character of Abigail, this little girl who you have a lot of sympathy for in the first half of the movie, when she becomes the villain, there’s hopefully some catharsis in that. You want to see her kick everyone’s ass.”

Rocking an R-rating, Abigail is now playing in theaters everywhere. Click here to pick up tickets!