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Kathryn Newton Shows Off a Pool Full of Bodies in Tour of the Abigail Set

Abigail is almost in theaters, and Kathryn Newton is taking you around the vampire movie's detailed set.

By Matthew Jackson
Peter (Kevin Durand) carries Abigail (Alisha Weir) while the cast stands next to him in Abigail (2024).

The upcoming film Abigail, the latest from the collective known as Radio Silence, ranks among our most-anticipated horror movies of the year. Thankfully, it's almost here, and star Kathryn Newton is hyping the film by giving us a tour of its set, gruesome details and all. 

Newton plays Sammy in the upcoming film, a reimagining of Universal's Dracula's Daughter concept that will mark the latest in a growing line of revamps of the studio's classic movie monsters. She's one of several criminals that set out to abduct and hold prisoner the title character, Abigail (Alisha Weir), the daughter of a powerful man who'll supposedly pay a hefty ransom to get his little girl back. What none of the kidnappers know, of course, is that Abigail isn't just a little girl. She's something else entirely, and soon the kidnappers find themselves trapped in a spooky mansion with a small vampire ready to rip them to shreds.

Speaking of that spooky mansion, Newton stars in the latest featurette for the film, which is basically a 60-second trip through the Abigail set, showing off the details of the various rooms and taking us through various landmarks in the story. We get to see Abigail's bedroom, the music room where she seems to practice ballet (featuring some vintage ballet outfits that Newton's clearly jealous of), and something a little more graphic. The last stop on the tour is "the abattoir," a room that, as the name suggests, is an especially gruesome locale that also happens to be a repurposed swimming pool.

Yeah, it's a pool full of bodies, y'all. 

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Kathryn Newton Shows Off a Pool Full of Bodies on the Set of Abigail

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the filmmakers behind Ready or Not and the 2022 Scream relaunch, Abigail features a killer cast that also includes Scream alum Melissa Barrera, Legion and Cuckoo star Dan Stevens, The Strain star Kevin Durand, The Mandalorian's Giancarlo Esposito, and more.

And it's not just gore and a great cast you have to look forward to. The film will also feature a dance scene that Newton compared to the viral dance sequence in last year's M3GAN. A pool full of bodies and dancing? Sounds like a great night at the movies.

Abigail premieres at the Overlook Film Festival next month before hitting theaters everywhere April 19. Get tickets at Fandango!