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SYFY WIRE Renfield

Does Nic Cage horror-comedy 'Renfield' have a post-credits scene?

What can you expect during the Renfield credits?

By Matthew Jackson
Nicolas Cage in Renfield (2023)

These days, thanks to blockbuster after blockbuster picking up on the post-credits stinger as a way to keep audiences invested, we've been trained to sit through the credits for almost every movie. Even if the credits don't give you any new scenes, it's a nice way to decompress after experiencing a film, chat about the movie with your friends, and of course peruse the names of the many, many people who made the film possible in the first place.

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But of course, what you really want to know is what you're in for if you sit through the extra footage, and you're probably especially curious about Renfield, the new horror-comedy that's a combination of vampire movie and superhero action film. So, what does Renfield have to offer when the credits roll?

SPOILERS AHEAD for Renfield!

Though you might leave the theater hoping there's the potential for a sequel or two, the narrative of Renfield is pretty neatly wrapped up by the time the credits start to roll. Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) gets his big showdown moment with Dracula (Nicolas Cage), we learn his final fate, and while there are little hints of more story to come, there's not anything that would directly point to one last scene that'll set up a second movie. 

That means that, unfortunately, Renfield does not have a post-credits scene, or a mid-credits scene. Any additional story will have to wait for sequels, spinoffs, or crossovers, if Universal Pictures decides to pursue those. But that doesn't mean you should leave the minute the credits start rolling. The end titles themselves are rather beautifully designed, and after the marquee names are covered and the scroll of crew members starts to unfold, we even get a glimpse at some extra footage from the film itself, including what looks like a full-fledged Renfield musical number. So at the very least, the credits should get you pumped for the eventual Blu-ray release, and the hidden treasures it might offer to fans. 

Renfield is now in theaters. Buy tickets here!

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